16 Easy Ways to Add Texture to Your Outfits

Color, Pattern, Texture, and Shine are the four elements of a great outfit, according to Stacy and Clinton of What Not To Wear. I’ve already covered Color and Shine earlier this month, so now it’s time to talk about Texture.

When I think about this element of an outfit, a tweed jacket, which is not really my style, always comes to mind. But it turns out that there are so many easy ways to add texture to your outfit in fun and modern ways.

Click through for 16 ways that I add texture to my outfits, and ways you can too!

  • Woven Sweaters 1 of 15

    During the fall and winter, cable knit, or loosely woven sweaters are a great way to add texture to an outfit. 

  • Pleats 2 of 15

    A pleated dress or skirt is an easy way to add some texture, while also adding a feminine touch. 

  • Ruching 3 of 15

    Ruched dresses and tops aren't just for maternity clothes. A ruched dress is a great way to add a bit of texture. The all black is also an easy way to keep it subtle and classy. 

    (tutorial to make this dress from three t-shirts here)

  • Ruffled Sleeve 4 of 15

    Texture doesn't always have to be big, bold, or even that obvious. A little ruffled sleeve and a pleat down the front of a top is a great way to make a simple top just a little bit better. 

  • Textured Neckline 5 of 15

    Detailed necklines add a nice bit of texture and draw attention up toward your face!

  • Lace 6 of 15

    Sweatshirts are huge for fall this year, and this contrasting lace sweatshirt is a great way to add a bit of texture. 

  • Horizontal Pleat Detailed Top 7 of 15

    This horizontally pleated top is one of my favorites. It's just a simple white top, but the pleating dresses it up just a bit and adds some nice texture.

  • Layered Lace 8 of 15

    A simple lace tank is perfect for adding some texture.

  • Studs 9 of 15

    Studs are a great way to add some texture and visual interest to an outfit. Plus, then there's no need to wear jewelry!

  • Sequins 10 of 15

    Sequins are a fun texture to play around with, and little sequined details on your clothing is a perfect way to dress up a plain tee. 

  • Suede Patches 11 of 15

    For a subtle bit of texture, try elbow patches, which just started showing up again in the last few years. Try making them out of felt or suede, both of which are a fun and easy-to-wear texture.

  • Leather Top 12 of 15

    If you're nervous about wearing the leather trend, try a more subtle look, like a leather paneled top. 

  • Pleated Maxi 13 of 15

    A pleated maxi dress is a pretty bold texture statement, but creates a stunning look. 

  • Layered Skirt 14 of 15

    A layered skirt, especially when monochromatic, is a good way to add some texture without being overwhelming. Plus, it makes a pencil skirt just a little bit more fun. 

  • Sequined Graphic Tee 15 of 15

    A fun way to add some texture is to incorporate it into a graphic tee! 

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