17 Tips to Elevate Your Basic Summer Outfits

One of my favorite things about fall is the layered clothing—scarves, boots, sweaters, hats, etc. You can throw on a few pieces and your outfit looks fabulous no matter what. But during the summer months when it’s blazing hot, and all you can stand to wear is shorts and a breezy shirt, it’s easy for those basic outfits to fall a little flat. So I’ve come up with a few ways to accessorize, layer, and just boost your simple summer outfits without leaving you a miserable puddle of sweat!

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  • Simple Dress 2 of 11

    A simple dress and sandals is a staple during the summer months. But by itself, it's totally boring. Plus, with all the amazing sandals out there, save your rubber flip flops for the beach and pool only


  • Simple Dress – Elevated! 3 of 11

    TIP #1: Add a skinny belt. It's instantly slimming when you belt the narrowest part of your waist, and it helps break up the big chunk of solid gray dress. 

    Tip #2: Add a lightweight scarf. Super lightweight chiffon scarves are a perfect way to add some dimension and layering to your outfit without making you too hot. 

    Tip #3: Sub out those rubber sandals for a simple black sandal. They're a million times cuter, and I think they're more comfortable because the strap around the back of your heel keeps them from flopping around when you walk. 

    Tip #4: Add some arm candy. A gold watch and a pretty gold bracelet make the outfit feel complete!

  • Jeans and Tee 4 of 11

    Every time I go to the grocery store or Target, I see moms in t-shirts, jeans and tennis shoes. It's not my favorite look, and with just a few simple changes, the outfit looks a thousand times better. 

  • Jeans and Tee – Elevated! 5 of 11

    Tip #5: Sub the tennis shoes for cute flats. These pointed leopard print ones are super comfy and don't make you look like you just came from the gym. 

    Tip #6. Knot your tee. This is one of my favorite little tricks for a slightly oversized tee. It's so simple, but adds just a little detail without having to add any layers. 

    Tip #7. Add a big, bold necklace. If you're just wearing jeans and a tee, a bold necklace is just the thing to elevate that simple outfit. 

    Tip #8. Complete the look with basic accessories. A pretty watch and bag make the outfit feel finished. 

  • Blouse and Shorts 6 of 11

    Shorts and a blouse are a perfect summer outfit. But when they're just by themselves, you can see how flat and boring this outfit is. 


  • Blouse and Shorts – Elevated! 7 of 11

    Tip #9: Add a patterned belt and half tuck your blouse so it's visible! The half tuck also gives a shapeless oversized blouse a little more shape. 

    Tip #10: Change out your rubber flip flops for a bright sandal. It adds a fun punch of color to a colorless outfit. 

    Tip #11: Play around with your hair! If it's long, do a fun fishtail braid like I did here. If it's shorter, try a head wrap, a hair clip, or other hair accessories. 

    And just like Tip #8, complete the look with a watch and bag. 

  • Skirt and Tee 8 of 11

    This is a good summer outfit, and a patterned skirt is always fun. But still it can be a little blah without any layering or accessorizing. 

  • Skirt and Tee – Elevated! 9 of 11

    Tip #12: Layer your necklaces! When you have a solid colored shirt, especially just a plain white tee, layering necklaces is a great way to add some visual interest. Keep them cohesive by pairing similar colors. 

    Tip #13: Add a lightweight jacket. If it's not super hot, a lightweight jacket can add a fun layer and help the outfit feel complete. 

    I also half tucked the shirt, but you could also knot it like in tip #6!

  • Button-up and Jeans 10 of 11

    A lightweight button up and white jeans is a great summery ensemble. With a few simple changes, it's perfect for a summer picnic! 

  • Button-up and Jeans – Elevated! 11 of 11

    Tip #14: Top Knot it! I don't love how I look with a pony tail, so to keep the hair off my neck in the heat I opt for a top knot. 

    Tip #15: Add a colorful bag. A bright pop of color adds the perfect touch to a basic navy and white outfit, and is way more fun than a brown or black bag!

    Tip #16: Roll your jeans. It makes your jeans look more summery and keeps you a bit cooler! 

    Tip #17: Add some fun earrings! With my hair pulled up, a big pair of earrings is a perfect addition. 

    I also half tucked my shirt, and added some arm candy, and some pretty sandals to complete the look!

What do you think? Will you try these 17 tips?



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