18 Ways to Add Color to Your Outfits

One of my favorite TV shows to watch is What Not To Wear. And if you’ve watched it, you’ve probably heard Stacy and Clinton talk about the four elements to making a good outfit: color, pattern, texture, and shine.

Let’s talk about the first one today — color. For some women, bright colors can be scary and you associate them with different foods (like, you feel like a giant red tomato). But wearing bright colors can be fun and easy, add emphasis to different areas of your body, brighten up your face, and compliment your skin and hair tones. So don’t be afraid.

Click through for a few easy ways I add color to my outfits, and how you can too.

  • 19 Ways to Add Color to Your Outfit 1 of 19

    Click through to see 19 ways I add color to my outfits!

  • Blue Top 2 of 19

    Of course colorful shirts have to come first in the list. They're the easiest way to wear color, and throwing on a brightly colored top is pretty universally flattering. 

  • Green Top 3 of 19

    ...and another pretty colorful top. Simple and chic. 

  • Green Sweater 4 of 19

    Or, of course, another alternative is a colored cardigan. Keep the rest of your clothes neutral and let the sweater do the talking. 

  • Blue Denim 5 of 19

    Colored denim has been popular for a few years now, so if you haven't jumped on that wagon, you should now. This pair from Gap is a slightly brighter blue than your normal pair of jeans, so it's a good way to ease into the trend while adding a bit of subtle color. 

  • Orange Cords 6 of 19

    If you're getting braver, try an orange pair...

  • Red Jeans 7 of 19

    ...or a red pair...

  • Green Jeans 8 of 19

    ...or a green pair!

  • Red Shoes, Yellow Top 9 of 19

    Colored shoes are making big appearances these days, and it's a fun way to add a pop of color at your feet. These ones from Target are one of my favorites, and aren't too overwhelming to wear with a brightly colored top. 

  • Yellow Shoes and Jewelry 10 of 19

    In a dark outfit, a pair of colorful shoes is a fun contrast, especially if you add another contrast with bright jewelry, like this yellow necklace (which is another great way to add color to your outfit). 

  • Red Necklace, Red Nails 11 of 19

    A brightly colored statement necklace is also a great way to incorporate color and give some unity to an outfit. Also, red nails are a classic feminine statement and add a fun pop of color. 

  • Yellow Skirt 12 of 19

    If you're more of a skirt wearer than a pants wearer, try a brightly color skirt like this sunshine-y yellow one. 

  • Teal Top, Red Bag 13 of 19

    For a less obvious or overwhelming choice, add a colorful bag. This red one adds a pop, but can be put down if you're feeling too bold. 

  • Blue Shoulder Bag 14 of 19

    ...or try a blue bag...

  • Green Bag 15 of 19

    ...or a green one.

  • Pink Scarf 16 of 19

    During the cooler months, add some color to your outfit with a bright scarf. It helps brighten up the area around your face and draw attention up there (which is good). 

  • Fuschia Tights 17 of 19

    Also in the cooler months, tights are one of my favorite ways to add color to an outfit. Wear them with open-toed wedges for a fun fall look! 

  • Red Lipstick, Maroon Tights 18 of 19

    Dark tights in the winter give a rich touch of color, and then a bold red lip adds a pop of color on your face. 

  • Pink Lips 19 of 19

    Or if you're nervous to try bold red, try a bright pink to offset a casual look. 

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