20 DIY Solutions to Get Stains Out of Clothes

A few weeks back, I had just bought this brand new pair of suede shoes and I was absolutely in love. That very same evening, I wore them out for a night on the town and what do you know? Right at dinner, a lovely woman sitting next to me splashed her red wine all over them. (Italian dinner and suede was probably not a good idea in hindsight.) I tried to compose myself and casually walk to the bathroom while I was slowly crumbling inside, and I managed to take a detour at the bar to ask if there was anything they could do. Just then, this wonderful Italian woman stepped out from behind the bar and handed me a washcloth soaked in gin. She told me to dab it all over the strain and it would be gone once it dried. She was right! I’ve been passing this trick onto everyone I know and now I’m passing it over to you.

Since then, I’ve become obsessed with natural stain removal. I want to be prepared in case my shoes are threatened with ruin once again!

Learn how to make a variety of different stain removers in your own home with 20 DIY Solutions to Get Stains Out of Clothes:

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  • Toothpaste on Leather 2 of 21

    You can remove a variety of stains on leather with toothpaste. Simply rub it on and rub it away.  
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  • Tomato Sauces 3 of 21

    Avoid setting a tomato stain by soaking in cold instead of hot water. A mixture of vinegar and dishwashing liquid can help remove it if you soak for at least a half an hour.
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  • Hydrogen Peroxide and Original Blue Dawn 4 of 21

    Mix 1 part Dawn with 2 parts Hydrogen Peroxide, apply to stain, and rinse.
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  • Castile Soap Stain Remover 5 of 21

    Create a mixture of water, castile soap, vegetable glycerin, and lemon as a way to get stains out of your clothes.
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  • Ink Stains and Hand Sanitizer 6 of 21

    Who knew your hairspray and hand sanitizer could clean away ink stains in minutes?
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  • Armpit Stains 7 of 21

    Mix together hydrogen peroxide, Dawn, and baking soda to get yellow armpit stains out of your favorite tops.
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  • Citrus Enzyme for Stains 8 of 21

    Make your own citrus enzyme with fruit, brown sugar, yeast, and water to get stains out of clothing and clean your house.
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  • Bit o’ Borax 9 of 21

    Mix together borax, white vinegar, and water to get a stain out. Brush it away with a toothbrush and voila.
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  • Goodbye Grease 10 of 21

    Dab eucalyptus essential oil onto the stain and let it soak in. Wash it and hang to dry.
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  • Gee Whiz, Cheez Whiz 11 of 21

    I have yet to try this, but apparently applying Cheez Whiz onto a grease or oil stain can take it right out.
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  • Block Out the Blood with Soda 12 of 21

    Pour club soda onto the bloody stain and let the fizz remove it away. Clean as usual.
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  • Sports vs. Stains 13 of 21

    Mix 1/3 cup of vinegar with 2/3 cups of water and blot the stain away. If it doesn't go away repeat and then wash as usual.
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  • Darn You Red Wine 14 of 21

    As soon as the wine touches the fabric, douse it in salt and then put it in cold water. Blot and wash as soon as possible.
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  • Lipstick Blues 15 of 21

    Get a pesky lipstick stain out by blotting it with a washcloth dipped in rubbing alcohol.
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  • Aspirin for Socks 16 of 21

    Get your dirty socks whiter by dissolving five Aspirin tablets in hot water. Soak your socks and wash as usual.
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  • Talcum for Ties 17 of 21

    Sprinkle talcum powder or cornstarch over the grease stain on your necktie to remove it overnight.
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  • Gum be Gone 18 of 21

    A quick way to remove gum from a top is by putting it in the freezer to harden. Anything that remains can be taken away with white vinegar.
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  • Grape Juice Stains 19 of 21

    Remove grape juice from clothes with laundry detergent, vinegar, and water. If it doesn't come out the first time you can dab it with rubbing alcohol.
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  • DIY Oxy-Clean 20 of 21

    Use hot water, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide to make a homemade Oxy-Clean.
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  • Shampoo Pretreat 21 of 21

    Pretreat your stained clothes with a mixture of warm water and about a 1/4 cup of shampoo. Spray on the stain and wash as usual.
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