20 Silliest Fashion Trends that Strangely Caught On

Sometimes a fashion trend overwhelmingly consumes us so fast, out of nowhere that there’s no time to stop and say: What are we wearing?

Well, if hindsight is the clearest way to see ourselves, let’s all reflect on the silliest fashion trends that we fell for in the recent decades:

  • Super Silly Trends 1 of 21

    Fashion trends that are (or will be) filed under: WHAT WERE WE THINKING?

  • SpiritHoods 2 of 21

    They're adorable and cozy — so it's no surprise kids and tweens swoon over (the pricey) SpiritHoods. But the fact that it's caught on with full-grown adults? Quite...surprising.

    SpiritHoods, $100+

  • Belly Chains 3 of 21

    It might have started as a belly-dancer trademark, but the belly chain has inexplicably dipped in and out of fashion — thanks to celebs like Mariah Carey and J.Lo (then), and Rhianna and Beyonce (now). To me, it seems completely impractical and silly — especially paired with a bathing suit. But how do you feel about the belly chain trend?, $12


  • Terrycloth Clothes 4 of 21

    Because who doesn't want to wear a giant washcloth? Think about the absorbency in the rain!

    Whether it was a skirt, or shorts, or a smock dress — terrycloth was seen in many a closet back in the day., $15


  • Sweater Boots 5 of 21

    At one point, these were all the rage. And then — as if awakening from a trance — everyone took a good hard look at the sweater boots on their feet and came to their senses. To the donation pile they went., $44.95


  • Clear Bra Straps 6 of 21

    Um. We can see those strips of shiny plastic. You know that, right?

    J.C.Penney, $7


  • Toe Shoes 7 of 21

    Please stop telling me how you can run faster, or better, or how much more comfortable these toe shoes are. They look intensely creepy.

    Vibram FiveFingers, $100


  • Silly Bandz 8 of 21

    The perfect example of a trend that can swiftly sweep through every age and every demographic — starting with the littlest ones. And in 15 years, there'll be BuzzFeed articles about how weird their Silly Bandz trend was — a la the Tamagotchi or the snap bracelet or the butterfly clips. 

    Photo: Flickr/Patrick Gage


  • Harem Pants/Parachute Pants 9 of 21

    Parachute pants were ridiculed for years — to the tune of "Can't Touch This" — and yet they still came back into style, under the guise of "harem pants." But we see you for what you really are: modern Hammer Pants.

    Further proof that just about anything that's "out" will one day be "in". 

    Urban Outfitters, $29


  • Shutter Glasses 10 of 21

    They're not practical or even attractive, and yet they captured the attention of an illogically large amount of people. 

    Oriental Trading, $10/dozen


  • Crocs 11 of 21

    The wide-sweeping trend that is CROCS defies all logic and style. And yet they'll most likely be classified as the iconic shoe of the new Millennium. (And our future selves will most likely be muttering: "But what were we thinking?"). 

    Crocs, $34.99

  • Velor Track Suits 12 of 21

    (Or perhaps just velor in general.)

    Bonus points if your track suit said "Juicy" across the tush., $59


  • Popped (and Double Popped) Collars 13 of 21

    See! Men have their own silly fashion trends that pollute their better judgement.



  • Platform Sneakers 14 of 21

    We may have thought the platform sneaker reached its height (quite literally) during the Spice Girls Era, and yet the recent '90s revival has brought the silly platform shoes back to life.

    Urban Outfitters, $65


  • Furry Boots 15 of 21

    Because who doesn't want to look like a muppet?, $300

  • Trucker Hats 16 of 21

    The Von Dutch trucker hat caught on so fast, we didn't have time to reflect on how silly we all looked. 

    eBay, $25


  • Fanny Packs 17 of 21

    Certain people (ahem Rihanna) are trying to bring back the long-ridiculed fanny pack — and if we're looking at other silly trends as an example, it's likely to catch on again. But that doesn't mean I have to be happy about it.

    American Apparel, $22


  • Scrunchies 18 of 21

    The sheer longevity of the scrunchie fad defies all logic., $4.99


  • Name Jewelry 19 of 21

    Thanks to a Ms. Bradshaw, the name-plate necklace trend had a major surge — reaching heights that even Sarah Jessica Parker couldn't have foreseen., $20


  • Rhinestone Monogrammed Everything 20 of 21

    And then the rhinestone initial took over — showing up on absolutely everything, from velor track suits to handbags. We stocked up on stick-on rhinestone initials from Claire's and personalized pashminas from the mall kiosk. Initial pride!, $14

  • Stretchy Gauchos 21 of 21

    I'm not sure who told us this looked attractive, but we all believed it. 

    eBay, $15.19


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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