25 Best DIY Halloween Costumes for Boys

We first shared the 25 Best DIY Halloween Costumes for Girls, but now it’s all about the boy. Dress your little man up in an awesome strongman costume complete with a mustache. If he’s into superheroes, Star Trek, and skeletons, we’ve got you covered. There’s even a little something for the Angry Bird and Hobbit fans out there too. The best part is that you can make all these great costumes right in the comfort of your home.

Check out the 25 Best DIY Kids Halloween Costumes for Boys here…

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  • A Hobbit’s Tale 2 of 26

    This mama made her son an amazing Hobbit costume.
    See more at Show Tell Share.

  • Cat in the Hat 3 of 26

    Sew up a Dr. Seuss costume, complete with striped hat.
    Get the tutorial at Dana Made It.

  • Peter Pan 4 of 26

    Dress him up as the cutest Peter Pan.
    Get the tutorial at Make it and Love it.

  • Detective 5 of 26

    Sew a detective costume for him to wear on Halloween night.
    Get the tutorial at Real Simple.

  • Edward Scissorhands 6 of 26

    Use belts to create this spooky Edward Scissorhands costume.
    Get the tutorial at Instructables.

  • Shark Costume 7 of 26

    Here's a no-sew tutorial for a ferocious (and adorable) great white shark.
    Get the tutorial at Let's Lasso the Moon .

  • Director 8 of 26

    Make him the director of his own film with this cute costume.  
    Get the tutorial at Real Simple.

  • Mr. Fox Costume 9 of 26

    Check out the steps for making this Fantastic Mr. Fox costume.
    Get the tutorial at Mom Inc.

  • Minion Costume 10 of 26

    Dress your boy up as a minion from Despicable Me this year.
    Get the tutorial at One Creative Housewife.

  • Superhero Cape and Shirt 11 of 26

    Dress up your boy as a superhero and make a totally awesome superhero name.
    Get the tutorial at Martha Stewarts.

  • Rocket Man 12 of 26

    Blast off this Halloween with this easy and fun costume.
    Get the tutorial at Real Simple.

  • Pumpkin 13 of 26

    Use an old pillowcase for this pumpkin costume.
    Get the tutorial atMartha Stewart.

  • Handmade Owl 14 of 26

    Dress your boy up as an owl this year.
    Get the tutorial at Finding My Aloha.

  • Viking 15 of 26

    Make a viking costume on a budget.
    Get the tutorial at I am Momma Hear Me Roar.

  • Angry Birds 16 of 26

    Any Angry Birds fans? This would make a great costume. 
    Get the tutorial at Blueberry Junkie.

  • Luchador 17 of 26

    Sew an easy luchador mask to make this fun costume. 
    Get the tutorial at The Train to Crazy.

  • Star Trek 18 of 26

    This year is a great year to dress your boy up as a character from Star Trek.
    Get the tutorial at U Create Crafts.

  • Skeletons 19 of 26

    Find out how to turn a T-shirt and leggings into these spooky skeletons.
    Get the tutorial at Finley and Oliver .

  • Knight 20 of 26

    Sew up a knight in shining armor costume that he can wear over his clothes. 
    Get the tutorial at

  • Prince Charming 22 of 26

    Make your boy Prince Charming this year for Halloween.
    Get the tutorial at Make It & Love It.

  • Strongman 23 of 26

    Check out this easy tutorial for the cutest strongman costume.
    Get the tutorial at Oh Happy Day.

  • Pinata Costume 24 of 26

    Make this colorful costume with rows of felt.
    Get the tutorial at Costume Works.

  • Blue Toad 25 of 26

    Turn a large sombrero into a blue toad hat for this Super Mario Bros inspired costume.
    Get the tutorial at iCandy Handmade.

  • Lego Costume 26 of 26

    Turn a plain cardboard box into an awesome Lego for your boy's Halloween costume.
    Get the tutorial at Country Living.

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