25 Best Father’s Day Gifts Under $25

With Father’s Day coming up, we went on the hunt for original gifts that dad is sure to love. For the dad who likes to joke around, this coffee mug and book will give him a good laugh. The dapper dad can appreciate a new bottle of beard oil and shave kit. How about a new phone cover and ice ball molds for the working dad?

No matter who he is, there’s something for every type of dad in these 25 Best Father’s Day Gifts Under $25.

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  • Simply Great Beard Oil 2 of 26

    There's not much else we can say about this beard oil. It's simply great.
    Buy it for $19.95 at Etsy.

  • Whiskey Ball Rounds 3 of 26

    Stone cask ice molds for whiskey balls that cool off dad's drink without watering down the flavor.

    Buy it for $9.99 at Amazon.

  • Harry’s Truman Shave Set 4 of 26

    Give dad a spectacular shave with Harry's ergonomic razor and special shaving cream.
    Buy it for $15 at J Crew.

  • AeroPress Coffee Maker 5 of 26

    An aeropress makes an incredibly smooth cup of coffee or espresso for dad to power through his honey do list.
    Buy it for $23.50 at Amazon.

  • The Prophets of Smoked Meat 6 of 26

    If dad is a foodie, he'll love this new release about Texas BBQ that's hitting the food scene in a big way.
    Buy it for $18.71 at Amazon.

  • Leatherman 7 of 26

    A leatherman has all of dad's handy tools in one attractive, easy to carry bunch.

    Buy it for $23 at Amazon.

  • Otter Wax 8 of 26

    For the fashionable dad, buy some otter wax to protect expensive jeans, backpacks, and canvas shoes.

    Buy it for $15.95 at Amazon.

  • Jacobsen Salt 9 of 26

    For the chef dad, get some Oregon sea salt.

    Buy it for $11.95 at Amazon.

  • Cuts of Meat Print 10 of 26

    Get a cow or pig diagram for some manly art.

    Buy it for $19 at Etsy.

  • Vinyl 11 of 26

    Spin a record to dad would enjoy like Bon Iver.

    Buy it for $11.99 at Amazon.

  • Tool Box 12 of 26

    Get a simple tool box great for dad's most used tools to easily carry to each home project.

    Buy it for $16 at West Elm.

  • Wood Phone Case 13 of 26

    These wood iPhone cases are gorgeous and manly.

    Buy it for $8.10 at Amazon.

  • Hilarious Mug 14 of 26

    Nothing like a good laugh to start the morning.

    Buy it for $14 at Urban Outfitters.

  • Bitters 15 of 26

    Use Brooklyn bitters for dad's old fashions in true Don Draper style.

    Buy it for $20 at West Elm.

  • Stanley Flask 16 of 26

    A classic flask in navy with the option to engrave it for a personal touch.

    Buy it for $19.50 at Amazon.

  • Bicycle Repair Kit 17 of 26

    Get a repair kit for when dad needs to tune up his Linus.

    Buy it for $18.59 at Amazon.

  • Dads are the Original Hipsters 18 of 26

    Let dad enjoy some light reading on Father's Day with lots of laughs.

    Buy it for $10.15 at Amazon.

  • Battery Backup 19 of 26

    Busy dads need more battery power for the important things like Words with Friends.

    Buy it for $24.99 at Amazon.

  • Cuff Links 20 of 26

    Fabric knotted cuff links for business with a twist.

    Buy it for $12.50 at J Crew.

  • IPA Beer Soap 21 of 26

    Made from Dogfish Head's IPA, this soap is sure to please any beer connoisseur.

    Buy it for $11.50 at Amazon.

  • Shoe Shine Kit 22 of 26

    Dad can keep his shoes nice and shiney.

    Buy it for $15.50 at Amazon.

  • Laptop Decal 23 of 26

    The hip dad that appreciates street art and is obsessed with Exit through the Giftshop would love to rock a Banksy decal on his Mac.

    Buy it for $12 at Banksy Decals.

  • Crew 24 of 26

    Keep dad looking stylish with some good hair product.

    Buy it for $13 at Amazon.

  • Tabletop Ping Pong 25 of 26

    Let dad have some old fashion fun on the dining table with a few round of ping pong.

    Buy it for $10 at Urban Outfitters.

  • Flash Drive 26 of 26

    This flash drive has a leather protector for style and file protection.

    Buy it for $13.88 at Ankaka.

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