25 DIY Summer Style Accessories

Accessories are the quickest way to add trends and interest to your outfit. You can dress up even the most basic outfits with a cute necklace, hair accessory, clutch, and more. Check out all the fun tutorials for getting a style-savvy look without burning a whole in your pocket. Plus, it’s always exciting to be able to say, I made that!

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  • Gold Wristlet 2 of 26

    A pyramid wristlet in gold makes for a shapely clutch for date nights.
    Check it out at Pretty Prudent.

  • Wire Bow 3 of 26

    Tie your hair up with a wire bow for hot summer days.
    Find out more at Skunkboy.

  • Name Bracelet 4 of 26

    Make a dainty bracelet to add to your arm party.
    Check it out at Born in ‘82.

  • Upgrade Canvas Shoes 5 of 26

    Add color and pattern to boring canvas shoes.
    Find out more at Refinery 29.

  • Beaded Bow Bracelet 6 of 26

    Bows and pearls are a great bracelet combination.
    Find out more at Trinkets in Bloom.

  • Bow Clutch 7 of 26

    Make a clutch in a summery color.
    Spotted at Pretty Prudent.

  • Lace Necklace 8 of 26

    This lace necklace would look gorgeous with a tube dress.
    Find out more at Ruffles and Stuff.

  • Embellish Sunglasses 9 of 26

    Customize your sunglasses to your swimsuit.
    Find out more at Refinery 29.

  • Bow Headband 10 of 26

    A leather bow headband is a great accessory for any summer outfit.
    Find out more at Ruffles and Stuff.

  • Peter Pan Collar Necklace 11 of 26

    Dress up a simple top with a Peter Pan collar necklace.
    Find out more at A Beautiful Mess.

  • Chain and Rhinestone Bracelet 12 of 26

    The bracelet is chunky and glamorous.
    Find out more at Everything Fab.

  • Tassel Keychain 13 of 26

    Tassels are very trendy this summer and they are perfect for keychains.
    Find out more at Design Love Fest.

  • Painted Leather Bracelet 14 of 26

    Paint a geometric pattern on a leather bracelet.
    Find out more at A Beautiful Mess.

  • Studded Phone Case 15 of 26

    Stud your phone case.
    Find out more at In Honor of Design.

  • Neon + Rhinestone 16 of 26

    These bracelets are a fun mix of brights and bling.
    Find out more at Swellmayde.

  • Lucite Clutch 17 of 26

    Lucite is stylish, and this clutch screams summer date night.
    Find out more at Stripes and Sequins.

  • Triangle Earrings 18 of 26

    These adorable triangle earrings are stylish and great for any occasion.
    Find out more at Plan B.

  • Stone Ring 19 of 26

    A chunky ring would look great with a sassy summer dress.
    Find out more at Merry Thought.

  • Phone Case 20 of 26

    A phone case with a native print is a great accessory.
    Find out more at Swellmayde.

  • Lace + Leather 21 of 26

    Mix media with this lace and leather clutch.
    Find out more at By Wilma.

  • Rope Necklace 22 of 26

    A braided rope necklace is a great summer statement.
    Find out more at Lovely Indeed.

  • Urchin Ring 23 of 26

    A starburst statement ring would look great with a tan.
    Find out more at Thanks, I Made It.

  • Floral Crown 24 of 26

    A summery floral crown is a great casual option that gives you a new look.
    Find out more at Sincerely Kinsey.

  • Gilded Jewelry 25 of 26

    Make some gorgeous dipped jewelry with polymer clay.
    Find out more at Kollabora.

  • Flip Flops 26 of 26

    Take some cheap flip flops and make them stylish.
    Find out more at By Wilma.

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