25 DIYs for Trendy No-Sew Accessories

Easily add some extra style to your wardrobe with your crafty sensibilities and these no-sew tutorials. Use embroidery floss to make the prettiest feather earrings. Grab an old pair of shoes and dress them up with a hint of neon. A little lace, paint, dye, and a few other craft supplies can go a long way to give your outfits a fashionable kick.

Check out the  25 DIYs for Trendy No-Sew Accessories to give your closet basics a fun new look.

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    25 Diys for trendy no-sew

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  • Gold Bracelet 2 of 26

    This is a great gold chain braided bracelet to add to any outfit.
    Check it out at Ohoh Blog.

  • Etched Cuff 3 of 26

    This etched copper cuff is an incredible statement.
    Find out more at The Merry Thought.

  • Infinity Knot 4 of 26

    This bracelet is very Kate Spade esque.
    Check it out at Remarkably Domestic.

  • Neon + Bows 5 of 26

    These neon earrings are surprisingly easy to DIY for such a bold statement.
    Find out more at Bead Mixer Style.

  • Hama Beads 6 of 26

    This would be a great bracelet option for kids since the beads are plastic and durable.
    Find out more at Plan B.

  • Broach Necklace 7 of 26

    Repurpose a plain broach into a colorful necklace.
    Spotted at A Bit of Sunshine.

  • Wood Earrings 8 of 26

    Make a pair of geometric wood earrings.
    Find out more at The Merry Thought.

  • Feather Necklace 9 of 26

    This feather necklace would look great on a casual outfit if you put it on a long chain.
    Find out more at Oh So Pretty.

  • Statement Necklace 10 of 26

    A love the color combination and natural look of this DIY necklace.
    Find out more at Flamingo Toes.

  • Dainty Rings 11 of 26

    Dainty rings are very on trend and this one doubles it.
    Find out more at My Little Secrets.

  • Pom-Pom Necklace 12 of 26

    The natural bead with the pastel pom-pom makes this necklace so feminine.
    Find out more at Wrapped Up in Rainbows.

  • Diamond Ring 13 of 26

    Who said a diamond has to be expensive? This wire ring is gorgeous.
    Find out more at Swell Mayde.

  • Bright Bracelets 14 of 26

    These bright bracelets are made from office supplies.
    Find out more at Babble Dabble Do.

  • Neon Shoes 15 of 26

    Add some neon to simple nude shoes for a fun shoe DIY.
    Find out more at Pretty Prudent.

  • Studded Barrette 16 of 26

    Studding is very trendy right now and so is long hair, so pull it back with this barrette.
    Find out more at Transient Expression.

  • Sunglasses 17 of 26

    The dainty flower detailing is perfect for sunglasses.
    Find out more at Maize Hutton.

  • Tassel Earrings 18 of 26

    Statement earrings with some bright rhinestones and tassels.
    Find out more at Plan B.

  • Pattern Clips 19 of 26

    A quick way to add pattern to your outfit is with these simple hair clips.
    Find out more at The Pretty Life Anonymous.

  • Leather Belt 20 of 26

    This belt looks amazing with a solid color dress. The bow detailing is incredible.
    Find out more at Wholly Kao.

  • Washi Tape Headband 21 of 26

    Put your stockpile of washi tape to work on a cute headband.
    Find out more at Washi Tape Crafts.

  • Lace Shoes 22 of 26

    Spice up bland shoes with a little lace detailing.
    Find out more at Mit Milch.

  • Dyed Fruit Tote 23 of 26

    Use dye to transform a regular tote into this adorable watermelon tote.
    Find out more at Madame Citron.

  • Infinity Scarf 24 of 26

    Upcycle an old t-shirt into a no sew embellished infinity scarf.
    Find out more at The Experimental Home.

  • Neon Toes 25 of 26

    Make scuffed toes disappear with neon paint and ribbon deatailing.
    Find out more at Petit a Petit and Family.

  • Button Clips 26 of 26

    Use some cute buttons to jazz up bobby pins.
    Find out more at Home Hear Craft.

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