25 Fashion Mistakes of Our Youth: Crop Tops, Crimpers, and Scrunchies

The days of old are behind us, but the memories (and photos) of those fashion mishaps will stay forever. Remember pumping up the volume of your hair with your best friend the crimper? How about when you decided to cut your favorite t-shirts in half to turn them into crop tops? I for one did not leave home without a scrunchie or two or five around my wrist. Aww, the good ol’ days.

Reminisce these fashion faux pas with the 25 Fashion Mistakes of Our Youth: Crop Tops, Crimpers, and Scrunchies…

  • 25 Fashion Mistakes of Our Youth: Crop Tops, Crimpers, and Scrunchies 1 of 26
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  • Crimp Your Cares Away 2 of 26

    Look how fun and fancy free the crimp used to make our hair look.
    Find out more at The Berry.

  • The Leaning Tower of Scrunchie 3 of 26

    The scrunchie - make sure to have three in your hair and three on your wrist at all times.
    Spotted at Weebly.

  • Crimped Bangs Mishap 4 of 26

    It was go big or go home.
    Spotted at Become Gorgeous.

  • Crimp, Brush, Tease, and Spray 5 of 26

    Why did we think this was a good look again?
    Spotted at The Comfort Zone.

  • Cropped Top Gang 6 of 26

    All for one and one for all.
    Find out more at Fourth Grade Nothing.

  • Show Your Scrunch 7 of 26

    Even the kids were wearing them.
    Find out more at Sassystreak.

  • Crop Top for Men 8 of 26

    See, this is what happens when we let things like the crop top rule the world.
    Find out more at Awkward Family Photos.

  • Vogue Rocked the Top 9 of 26

    I mean, the only way to truly be in style then was to see what was happening in Vogue.
    Spotted at Vogue.

  • Crimp Can Never Cramp Your Style 10 of 26

    The best part about the crimper was that it gave style to any loose flyaways you could possibly have.
    Spotted at Worst Hair Ever.

  • Lucky Star 11 of 26

    Here is pretty much where the crop top all began.
    Spotted at The Fair Magazine.

  • Scrunchies for Every Style 12 of 26

    I think I see the hint of a ribbon hanging off this scrunchie too! 
    Spotted at Sulky.

  • Literally, Every Style 13 of 26

    Double scrunchie braid anyone?
    Spotted at Into the Gloss.

  • Winning the Scrunchie Race 14 of 26

    Ten points to anyone who could match it with their outfit.
    Find out more at Into the Gloss.

  • Madonna Makes it Hot 15 of 26

    It wouldn't be a trend if she didn't rock one too.
    Find out more at Into the Gloss.

  • Good Golly Miss Molly 16 of 26

    Who needed to stay warm when you were looking hot?
    Spotted at Another.

  • Crimp Your Way to Prom 17 of 26

    Even the goth kids crimped.
    Find out more at Buzzfeed.

  • Scrunchie Flare 18 of 26

    I was particularly fond of the scrunchies with ruffles. Oh, and those long gold nails. 
    Spotted at Marie Claire.

  • Crimp and Frizz 19 of 26

    Wasn't that also a dance move? 
    Spotted at Awkward Family Photos.

  • Family Photo Time 20 of 26

    Some of us even rocked our crop tops with the whole family. Next, let's talk about Marcia's leotard. What?!
    Find out more at Awkward Family Photos.

  • Scrunchie Stylin’ 21 of 26

    They are a real "eye popper." 
    Find out more at Vital mx.

  • Crimping Since the Day We Were Born 22 of 26

    School pictures were no exception for full volume.
    Find out more at Before You Were Hot.

  • Mix and Match 23 of 26

    What I love about this look was how natural it looked. Ha! 
    Find out more at The Last Tangle.

  • Scrunchies and Babes 24 of 26

    How could we not want a look like this back in the day?
    Find out more at My Daily News.

  • Crimping at the Globes 25 of 26

    If only women still rocked this look when going to the Globes.
    Find out more at Lifestyle.

  • Kelly and Her Crops 26 of 26

    The high waisted jeans and crop top really made the look. 
    Find out more at The Berry.

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