25 Fashion Predictions for 2014

To kick off the new year we have put together a list of top styles to watch out for in 2014. Let’s start by taking a look back – in 2013 it was all about geometric prints, nautical stripes, and the comeback of the crop top. There was a move toward grunge and bohemian, with oversized tops, sweaters, and a messy hair don’t care attitude.

Now that we are in 2014 things seem to be shifting. Don’t be surprised if you see rich colored floral prints this spring –  radiant orchid is the pantone color after all.   The grunge of 2013 is now getting a glammed up makeover with leather and metallics. Details and embellishments will also be making an appearance on tees and blouses, and the boyfriend look is getting a touch of feminine chic.

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  • Collarless Jackets 2 of 25

    A light collarless coat can be worn all year long.
    Buy it for $350 at JCrew.

  • Wide Leg Trousers 3 of 25

    Bring out a pair of wide leg trousers to wear with flats.
    Buy it for $58 Anthropologie.

  • Lace 4 of 25

    Lace is a must of 2014. Pair this dress with beautiful earrings.
    Buy it for $99.99 Maggy London.

  • Boxy Silhouettes 5 of 25

    A shirt with the boxy silhouette style goes great with skinny jeans.
    Buy it for $185 at Ace and Jig.

  • Boyfriend Shoes 6 of 25

    Check out these adorable Keaton shoes. It's all about low heels and round toes to achieve the boyfriend shoes look. Wear it with a cute dress or pastel colors. 
    Buy it for $188 at Madewell.

  • Orchid 7 of 25

    This cozy sweater is a wonderful shade of orchid.
    Buy it for $24.99 Old Navy.

  • Modest Necklines 8 of 25

    Wear this chiffon shirt with Peter Pan collar to achieve the modest necklines trend of the year.
    Buy it for $27.99 at May Kool.

  • Cut-Out Tops 9 of 25
    Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 3.42.22 PM

    Watch out, cut-out tops will be making a scene as soon as the weather warms up.
    Buy it for $39 at Urban Outfitters.

  • Pleats 10 of 25

    Show off your pleats on a skirt or dress.
    Buy it for $428 at Macy's.

  • Metallics 11 of 25

    There are sure to be quite a few metallic accents this next year.
    Buy it for $55 at Madewell.

  • Blush 12 of 25

    Add a little blush touch to your outfit by pairing this sweater with skinny jeans.
    Buy it for $99.99 at French Connection.

  • The Midi Skirt 13 of 25

    This plaid skirt is a perfect example of the new style length.
    Buy it for $43 at LuLu*s.

  • Velvet 14 of 25

    Velvet is back. These overalls are perfect for 2014.
    Buy it for $268 at

  • Feather Details 15 of 25

    Create the ultimate outfit with this Chiffon Feather Skirt.
    Buy it for $79 at Piperlime.

  • Logos 16 of 25

    Logos and text are making their mark across tops this year.
    Buy it for $36 at Topshop.

  • Embellishments 17 of 25
    Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 4.09.58 PM 1

    Simple embellishments like jewels, glitter, or distressing can make a big statement. 
    Buy it for $79 at Urban Outfitters.

  • Glam Grunge 18 of 25

    Think leather and flannels to get the glam grunge look. This Zara jacket is a great start.
    Buy it for $59.99 at Zara.

  • Over-the-Knee Boots 19 of 25

    Your legs will look fantastic with these thigh high boots.
    Buy it for $598 at Nordstrom.

  • Pale Color Bags 20 of 25

    Out with the bright bags and in with the soft romantic colors. This Tory Burch bag is a great example of the soft colors.
    Buy it for $495 at

  • International Prints 21 of 25
    Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 3.10.32 PM

    Be inspired by different prints from around the world to show off this spring or summer.
    Buy it for $148 at Anthropologie.

  • Bomber Jackets 22 of 25

    Bomber Jackets arent going anywhere this season.This is a great jacket to add to any wardrobe.
    Buy it for $239.95 at Anthropologie.

  • Skinny Sweats 23 of 25

    Sweatpants are getting a little tighter this year. These are comfy and stylish lounge pants to wear.
    Buy it for $69.50 at J Crew.

  • Jewel Tone Florals 24 of 25

    Rich colored floral prints were all over the runway. Show them off this spring.
    Buy them for $395 at Anthropologie.

  • Mules 25 of 25

    These mules will look great with a baby doll dress.
    Buy it for $51.99 at

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