25 Reasons the 90s are BACK

One of the most prominent themes of 2013 is “I LOVE THE 90s” — whether we’re spreading 90s nostalgia via Facebook or tuning in to MTV’s Retro: Real World.

And 2013 fashion is all about bringing back the 90s.

Here’s the 411 on all things 90s Fashion, Redux:

  • 90s, Take 2 1 of 30

    Here are 25+ ways to rock the 90s girl look...

  • Crop tops 2 of 30

    This trend is HUGE right now and it's so very 90s. Everyone from Salt n Peppa to Britney Spears was rocking a crop top — whether it was worn with high-waist baggy jeans and an open flannel shirt (early 90s) or with low-rise faux leather and butterfly hair clips (late 90s).

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  • Long Sleeve Crop Top 3 of 30

    Long-sleeve crop top with denim cut-offs is another classic 90s look.

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  • Tapestry Rose Print 4 of 30

    Tapestry-inspired florals were huge in the 90s — and Kelly Kaposwki was a leading fashion icon for the look. She wore it on mini skirts, denim jackets, crop tops, jeans…

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  • Floral Babydoll Dresses 5 of 30

    Beyond Ms. Kapowski, floral was probably most seen on babydoll dresses. For some real 90s authenticity, layer the spaghetti-strap dress over a white tee, and add some Keds or Doc Martens. 

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  • Wedge sneakers 6 of 30

    Like a modern high-top.

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  • Denim Vests 7 of 30

    Frayed, with a touch of acid wash.

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  • Denim on Denim 8 of 30

    The Texas Tuxedo is back in fashion, once again.

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  • Overalls 9 of 30

    As are — believe it or not — overalls. Yes, overalls! Looking chic and cute, not ridiculously retro/toddler-like, which was the popular opinion — saaaay — two years ago.

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  • Holographic 10 of 30

    This comeback came out of nowhere, but it's actually one of the defining trends of 2013. And it's quite reminiscent of the good-old 90s, when everything was made with holograms — from sunglasses to Pogs.

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  • New Item 19 11 of 30

    Just layer a sweater vest on top and a plaid mini skirt underneath, and you have Cher Horowitz.

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  • Culottes 12 of 30

    Perhaps in rebellion to the micro short-shorts of the new Millennium, "long trousers" are starting to come back into style — closely reminiscent of the skirt-like culottes of the 90s (which, maybe, were a rebellion to the Daisy Dukes and "hot pants" of the 70s and 80s?).

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  • Beetlejuice Stripes 13 of 30

    A lot of 90s kids grew up with the cult-classic Beetlejuice — so it's only fair that we bring his style into fashion, no?

     Buy from Forever 21, $20



  • Keds 14 of 30

    Keds — a 90s basic — disappeared for a while, but they're totally back. How "back" you ask? Well they're collaborating with Kate Spade on some fancy designer-priced Keds. So that's quite the comeback.

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  • Flannel 15 of 30

    The common thread of the 90s — from grunge to goth to school-girl chic.

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  • Tie-Dye 16 of 30

    1. Tie-Dye; 2. Halter; 3. Cropped. That's the 90s, right there.

    Buy from ASOS, $18



  • Front-Tie Shirts 17 of 30

    90s girls would tie anything — a sleeveless chambray shirt, a white button-up, a crochet cardigan. Anything.

    Here's a more modern version of that trend.

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  • Biggie/Tupac Revival 18 of 30

    Bringing back the East Coast/West Coast debate with a new crop of merchandise out there.

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  • Friendship Bracelet 19 of 30

    Because we all still have that BFFL. 143!

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  • Combat Boots 20 of 30

    You can't have a 90s revitalization without them.           

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  • Doc Martens 21 of 30

    …Especially Doc Martens. These are probably the most iconic shoes of the 90s.

    Buy from Urban Outfitters, $85

  • Platform Sneakers 22 of 30

    If the combat boot wasn't your "it" shoe style of the 90s, you probably wore some version of a platform shoe. Platforms were certainly extreme (a la Spice Girls), but even the most basic sneakers were sporting a decent-size platform. 

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  • Platform Shoes 23 of 30

    But the 90s would certainly love these.

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  • Knee-High Socks 24 of 30

    Worn with some platform oxfords, a plaid mini skirt, and a vest layered over a T-shirt — then you just nailed the "Clueless" look. 

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  • More Knee Socks 25 of 30

    Put away your leg warmers and break out the knee-high socks. (The 80s look was so 2012.)

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  • Rainbow Tinted Sunglasses 26 of 30

    These were everywhere in the late 90s — especially in the pop music world. (I had a baby blue pair, myself.)

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  • Simpsons Converse Shoes 27 of 30

    They finally came out with a Simpson's Converse shoe this year— mostly because The Simpsons know no generational bounds. But also because everyone's digging some 90s nostalgia right now. 

    See more at Babble.com ($37 - $65).

  • Jelly Shoes 28 of 30

    They're baaaaack.

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  • Jelly Heels 29 of 30

    And in...heels?

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  • And Then There’s These 30 of 30

    Yep. These exist.

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