25 Tips for Turning Your Summer Style into Fall Fashion

With fall in the air, it’s time to start looking into your closet and thinking about those summer pieces that you can transition into fall fashions. Using clothes you already have is a huge money saver and allows you to get a variety of different looks without needing more closet space. We’ve got some fall inspiration that will help you reuse what you have. Shop your closet before you start looking for new fall looks.

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  • Shorts 2 of 26

    Put some tights with a pair of dressy shorts. Then add layers on top for a cute fall look.
    Find out more at We Heart It.

  • Floral Dress 3 of 26

    Take your short summer dresses and wear them into fall with tights, boots, and a jacket. Those floral patterns paired with neutrals are still great as the weather cools.
    Find out more at Chictopia.

  • Patterned Tank 4 of 26

    Wear a cardigan over a patterned tank to warm up a summer look. Don't be afraid to keep your summer brights for fall.
    Find out more at Kendi Everyday.

  • Lace Dress 5 of 26

    Layer a button down and blazer over a short sleeve dress.
    Find out more at Perfection Possibilities.

  • Basic Tank 6 of 26

    Use your basic comfortable tanks in fall with jeans and a blazer for a casual but still sophisticated look.
    Find out more at Damsel in Dior.

  • Maxi Dress 7 of 26

    Throw a leather jacket over a cotton maxi dress to continue to wear your favorite dress into fall.
    Find out more at The Zhush.

  • Plain White Tee 8 of 26

    Take a casual white t-shirt and layer with a striped blazer to add pattern to a summer basic and create a fall look.
    Find out more at What Do I Wear.

  • Bright Dress 9 of 26

    Wear an army green jacket over a bright summer dress for a great fall twist on a summer classic.
    Find out more at The Chriselle Factor.

  • Jersey Dress 10 of 26

    Keep wearing your favorite jersey dress through fall with a denim jacket.
    Find out more at Jazzabelle's Diary.

  • Striped T-Shirt 11 of 26

    Wear a striped jersey tee with a long blazer and boyfriend jeans.
    Find out more at This Time Tomorrow.

  • Mini 12 of 26

    Wear your mini skirts into fall with tights and a sweater.
    Find out more at Emmadime.

  • Shorts + Sweater 13 of 26

    Wear a pair of shorts with a sweater and some boots.
    Find out more at Fashion Me Now.

  • Brights + Leather 14 of 26

    Pair a bright shirt with a leather skirt and boots.
    Find out more at Lauren Conrad.

  • Pastels 15 of 26

    Wear your summery mint green dress with a long pastel blazer.
    Find out more at Sugar Filled Closet.

  • Belted Blazer 16 of 26

    Belt a blazer for a warmer and fitted fall look.
    Find out more at Penny Pincher Fashion.

  • Tights + Cardigan 17 of 26

    Layer a mid sleeve cardigan over a patterned blouse and tights under shorts. It takes a great summer outfit into fall seamlessly. 
    Find out more at Contact Music.

  • Mixed Media 18 of 26

    Find a leather and wool jacket to combine with a bright summer dress. It's a softer look than a leather jacket but still gives you a sophisticated look as the weather cools.
    Find out more at The Ivory Lane.

  • Graphic Tee 19 of 26

    Keep your graphic tees into fall by pairing with a patterned blazer.
    Find out more at Pink Peonies.

  • Jorts 20 of 26

    Wear your jorts with a fun pattern top and striped blazer.
    Find out more at Penny Pin

  • Chunky Cardigan 21 of 26

    A basic graphic tee looks great with a chunky cardigan.
    Find out more at ASOS.

  • Tied Button Down 22 of 26

    Tie a button down shirt over a jersey dress for a fall take on your favorite summer dress.
    Find out more at Sydne Style.

  • Bright Tights 23 of 26

    Wear a pair of bright or patterned tights under dresses or shorts.
    Find out more at My Precious Confessions.

  • Shorts + Blazer 24 of 26

    Keep wearing your shorts in fall with layers on top.
    Find out more at Sydne Style.

  • Monochromatic 25 of 26

    Wear a basic bright tee and skinny colored jeans with a light jean jacket or chambray shirt.
    Find out more at Pink Peonies.

  • Vest 26 of 26

    Layer a fur vest over a light summer shirt.
    Find out more at Ivory Lane.

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