25 Totally Trendy Costume Ideas for 2013

Can’t quite decide what costume to wear for Halloween? A lot has happened this year that will make for some of the best, hilarious, and over-the-top-costumes. Get a group of girls together to be the cast of Orange is the New Black. Put on costume makeup to be a zombie, or better yet, Grumpy Cat. Be inspired by films, music, and top celebrity gossip of the year to come up with the most popular costume of the night. When in doubt, you can always throw on a yellow jumpsuit and gas mask to be the infamous Walter White (RIP Breaking Bad).

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  • Duck Dynasty 2 of 26

    This year, be inspired to get your costume from the #1 watched TV show on cable, Duck Dynasty.
    Spotted at Buy Costumes.

  • Twerkin Teddy Bear T-Shirt 3 of 26

    Miley Cyrus' twerking fiasco is still definitely a hot topic for a costume.
    Buy it for $24.99 at Spirit Halloween.

  • Orange Is the New Black 4 of 26

    Get your best friends together to be the cast of Orange Is the New Black
    Spotted at Hello Giggles.

  • Paula Deen 5 of 26

    Slap on a wig with a bowl of piping hot macaroni and biscuits to be Paula Deen.
    Spotted at Newsday.

  • Lucille Bluth from Arrested Development 6 of 26

    Grab your martini glass, a brown wig, your best work suite, and put on a quirky smile to be Lucille Bluth this Halloween.
    Spotted at Arrested Development.

  • Star Trek 7 of 26

    Star Trek made a comeback this year with the new movie. Make this a solo or group costume with friends and family.
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  • Grumpy Cat 9 of 26

    Paint yourself to look like this famous kitty. 
    Spotted at Double LOL.

  • Sharknado 10 of 26

    Surprise your friends with the most awesome Sharknado costume. You could easily wear all gray, tousle your hair, and pin toy sharks all over you.
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  • Despicable Me Minions 12 of 26

    Make a minion costume with bright yellow overalls and round goggles.
    Spotted at Buy Costumes.

  • Robin Thicke 13 of 26

    Buy a black and white striped suite for your Robin Thick costume. Reuse it next year and be Beetlejuice.
    Spotted at The Fashion Foot.

  • What Does the Fox Say? 14 of 26

    Use this hilarious song and music video as inspiration for your Halloween costume this year. You might want to brush up on those fox sounds. 
    Spotted at Unified Pop Theory.

  • Zombie 15 of 26

    Zombies are all the rage this year. Put your creative side to work and make your own zombie costume.
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  • The Wolverine 17 of 26

    Show up to the Halloween party as Wolverine.
    Spotted at Spirit Halloween.

  • The Great Gatsby 18 of 26

    1920s are all the rage this year because of The Great Gatsby. Girls can pin their hair up in a bob with a flapper dress, while the guys can dress in a suit to look like Jay Gatsby.
    Spotted at The Guardian.

  • Breaking Bad 19 of 26

    In honor of the end of Breaking Bad, dress up as Walter White, Jesse, Heisenberg, or any of the other characters. 
    Buy it for $49.99 at Pure Costumes.

  • OZ the Great and Powerful 20 of 26

    Get your friends to dress up with you as the cast of OZ the Great and Powerful.
    Spotted at Screen Crush.

  • Twinkie 21 of 26

    Celebrate the comeback of the Twinkie this year by dressing up as one for Halloween.
    Buy it for $25.99 at Walmart.

  • The Walking Dead 22 of 26

    Gather a few friends or family members and be The Walking Dead.
    Spotted at Buy Costumes.

  • Kim, Kanye & Baby North 23 of 26

    Baby North being born was all over the news this year. Put your own spin on this trendy family for a Halloween costume. 
    Spotted at The Daily Beast.

  • Amanda Bynes 24 of 26

    Throw on a teal wig, a pair of big black glasses, and diamonds on your cheeks to be Amanda Bynes. 
    Spotted at CBS Local.

  • Iron Man 25 of 26

    Iron Man III is out and your Iron Man-themed costume would definitely be on trend.
    Spotted at Comics Alliance.

  • Superman 26 of 26

    Dress up as Superman this year for the release of the new movie Man on Steel.
    Buy the set for $44.99 at Buy Costumes.

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