25 Ways NOT to Dress Your Child for Picture Day

Oh, Picture Day. There can be such hype that goes along with the morning of this momentous occasion. Somehow it’s always the day where their hair does not fall right, sour moods are a plenty, and we race to get them out the door on time. However, it all feels worth it when we open up the folder and pull out the wallet-sized photos of our little smiling offspring. That is, until we realize the outfit was a total mishap, the accessories were overkill, and the T-shirt you thought brought out his eyes made him blend perfectly with the backdrop.

Before you send your kid off to school check out the 25 Ways NOT to Dress Your Child for Picture Day…

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  • Hairstyle Mishap 2 of 26

    Give yourself a little extra time in the morning to deal with unexpected issues.
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  • All the Fixings 3 of 26

    Avoid getting overzealous with patterns, prints, accessories, and hairstyles.
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  • Graphic T’s 4 of 26

    Steer clear of graphic t-shirts like this one.
    Spotted at Awkward Family Photos.

  • Hairstyle Overkill 5 of 26

    Try not to create a hairstyle on your child that will distract from his or her sweet face.
    Spotted at Awkward Family Photos.

  • Dressed In Tinsel 6 of 26

    Save the tinsel for the Christmas tree.
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  • Pass on the Rainbow Suspenders 7 of 26

    Picture Day is probably not the day you want to bust out the wacky rainbow suspenders.
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  • The Alternative Child 8 of 26

    It's great to let your child express himself/herself, but you might want to intervene and keep the accessories and hairstyles to a minimum.
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  • Adorning with Trolls 9 of 26

    Don't dress your child in small creepy toys.
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  • The Family Pet 10 of 26

    I can't promise this won't end in a fight, but you might have to convince your child not to bring the family pet to Picture Day.
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  • Giant Earrings 11 of 26

    Avoid putting earrings on your child that take over her head.
    Spotted Awkward School Pictures.

  • Bodacious Bowtie 12 of 26

    A bow tie can be cute, but not when it's giant. Poor, Drew.
    Spotted at Awkward School Pictures.

  • Little House on the Prairie 13 of 26

    Save the outfit for Gold Rush Day.
    Spotted Ellen.

  • Showing Off Your Sewing Skills 14 of 26

    Nothing wrong with a cute handmade dress, but at least make sure your child looks happy wearing it.
    Spotted Ellen.

  • Covered in Velvet 15 of 26

    A hint of velvet is fine, bright pink velvet dress with clashing pink shoes, not so good.
    Spotted Ellen.

  • Tie-Dye Blues 16 of 26

    Although tempting, try not to dress your child so he or she matches the background.
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  • Flashback Picture Day 17 of 26

    Picture Day is not usually the best time to put your daughter in your handmade 80s dress.
    Spotted Ellen.

  • Steer Clear of Busy Prints 18 of 26

    Keep the attention or your child's face and away from those distracting prints.
    Spotted Ellen.

  • Blending In 19 of 26

    You might want to ask what the background of the photos will be so your child doesn't blend in.
    Spotted Ellen.

  • Tie Terrors 20 of 26

    Make sure the tie length is right for your child's size and that he or she is not posing with a fire extinguisher.
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  • Puffy Longstocking 21 of 26

    This amount of puff and frill is best saved for never.
    Spotted Ellen.

  • Birds of a Feather 22 of 26

    A big hair piece can be great, but not so much when the photographer takes fashion into her own hands.

    Photo via Pretty Prudent.

  • No White After Labor Day 23 of 26

    At least toss the gloves out. 
    Spotted at Ellen.

  • Rocking the Fringe 24 of 26

    Yes, there is such thing as too much fringe.
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  • The Rat Tail 25 of 26

    Try not to terrify the photographer by bringing a pet rat to compliment the outfit.
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  • Picture Day Cheer 26 of 26

    Overall, put your child in something he or she is proud and excited to wear, or you might get a photo like this.
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