25 Ways to Look Great While You Cook All Thanksgiving Day

Even though you might be spending the day cooking, there’s no reason why you can’t still look adorable. These 25 outfits are trendy and made with comfortable fabrics that should be a cinch to wash. If it’s hot in the kitchen, you might want to go with something looser, like a lightweight cotton t-shirt and shorts. For chilly weather, go with a cotton cardigan and a pair of leggings or tights. Check out our tips too, like how to dress up your favorite pair of sweats.

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  • Stripes and Shorts 2 of 26

    Wear a comfy pair of jean shorts and a loose, striped sweater that you can toss in the wash right after .
    Find out more at Vogue C.

  • Striped Tunic 3 of 26

    Feel cute in a striped tunic dress made from cotton.
    Buy it for $108 at Luvocracy.

  • Chambray and Jeans 4 of 26

    Put on a chambray button-down tucked into high waisted black jeans. Feel even more dolled up by throwing on a printed pair of flats or metallic sandals.
    Find out more at A Simple Statement.

  • Overalls and Long Sleeves 5 of 26

    Be extra comfortable in a pair of overalls with a lightweight long-sleeve shirt on underneath.
    Find out more at Garance Dore.

  • Jean Skirt and T-Shirt 6 of 26

    A white t-shirt can easily be bleached and a jean skirt can be thrown into the wash. When you wear it together though, you'll look adorable.
    Find out more at Free People.

  • Sweater, Jeans, and Saddle Shoes 7 of 26

    The saddle shoes kick up the cute factor for this simple outfit.
    Find out more at Joyfully Weary.

  • Chambray Tunic and Colored Jeans 8 of 26

    Wear a chambray tunic with gray or brightly colored jeans.
    Find out more at Frolic Blog.

  • Boat Neck Top and Dress 9 of 26

    Wear a loose cotton dress with a long-sleeve top on top with a belt.
    Find out more at Popsy.

  • Cotton Dress with Jean Jacket 10 of 26

    This cute outfit is your most comfortable cotton dress with a jean jacket.
    Find out more at Jazza Belle's Diary.

  • Dress and Sneakers 11 of 26

    Wear a comfortable jersey dress with a pair of your favorite sneakers.
    Buy this skater dress for $29.37 at ASOS.

  • Loose T-Shirt and Jeans 12 of 26

    Make a t-shirt and jeans stylish by wearing a wide belt and tuck your shirt into jeans.
    Find out more at Taylor Stitch.

  • Tribal Dress and Booties 13 of 26

    Wear a dress with a print and booties. The dark print can cover up those cooking spills.
    Find out more at Revolve Clothing.

  • Fitted Sweats and T-Shirt 14 of 26

    Fitted sweats can look great and are still super comfy. Wear them with an adorable t-shirt.
    Find out more at Zady.

  • Loose Jeans and a Tank 15 of 26

    Feel stylish by cuffing your loose jeans, wearing a cotton tank top, and an adorable hat.
    Find out more at Arty Filles.

  • Harem Pants and Tank 16 of 26

    A loose tank top and harem pants can look very adorable in rich colors.
    Find out more at Elke Accessories.

  • Maxi Dress and Chambray 17 of 26

    Stay comfortable and cute in a striped maxi skirt with a chambray shirt knotted.
    Find out more at Design Style.

  • Smock Dress and Booties 18 of 26

    Wear a flowy smock dress with booties and low socks.
    Find out more at RStyle.

  • Geometric Knit and Leggings 19 of 26

    Stay cozy while you cook by wearing leggings, a t-shirt, and a stylish geometric knit sweater.
    Find out more at Forever 21.

  • Plaid and Pointed Flats 20 of 26

    A cute plaid dress is perfect for fall with a pair of pointed flats to dress it up.
    Find out more at Styling Dutchman.

  • Maxi Skirt and T-Shirt 21 of 26

    Tuck in a t-shirt to a maxi skirt with a belt in the middle.
    Find out more at Marvelous Thing.

  • Flannel and Jeans 22 of 26

    A basic outfit of flannel and jeans with flats can still look so cute while you're in the kitchen.
    Buy this for $80 at Madewell.

  • Cardigan and Jeans 23 of 26

    A button-up cardigan with trousers is a cute way to go and you can top it off with a bow.
    Find out more at Blue Paper Lanterns.

  • Sweatshirt and Lips 24 of 26

    When in doubt, dress up your sweatshirt with a touch of color on your lips.
    Find out more at Nasty Gal.

  • Black Jeans, Long Cardigan 25 of 26

    A light and long cardigan can keep you warm in the kitchen, without getting too hot. The black jeans are great for hiding the stains you might get in the busy kitchen.
    Find out more at Outfit Posts.

  • Sweater Dress with Tights 26 of 26

    Put on a comfy sweater dress with contrasting tights.
    Find a sweater dress like this at Anthropologie.

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