25 Ways to Mix Patterns and Prints

Mixing prints and patterns is a bold and fashionable way to play with your wardrobe. It allows you to create outfit combinations you probably never would have imagined look good together. Start out small by mixing floral patterns, polka dots and stripes, and eventually go big and mix two busy patterns. However, mixing can also go terribly  wrong, so it’s important to keep a few helpful tips in mind…

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  • Mixing with the Help of Colors 2 of 26

    Start mixing your prints and patterns by choosing a similar color pallet like this.
    Find out more at Delightfully-Tacky.

  • Mixing Up Top 3 of 26

    Your whole outfit doesn't need to be patters or prints. Keep it simple and just mix your top and blazer.
    Find out more at Feisty Green Polka Dot.

  • Thick Polka Dots and Stripes 4 of 26

    Polka dots and stripes are an easy pattern and print combination to start with. These work well because both of them are thick.
    Find out more at Delusions of Grandeur Style.

  • Pre-Mixed Shirts 5 of 26

    Start your mix-and-match with a top already pre-matched for you and bring in the pants to make it a whole outfit out of it.
    Find out more at We Heart It.

  • Triple Mix 6 of 26

    Throw in a third pattern to add to the complexity of the outfit.
    Find out more at Venue Magazine.

  • A Simple Top with a Bold Bottom 7 of 26

    A great way to mix and match is by joining a simple pattern on top with a busy print for a bottom.
    Find out more at Pretty is This.

  • Using Similar Patterns 8 of 26

    The striped plaid pattern matches the striped sweater perfectly. It helps that they're both thick patterns.
    Find out more at Another Day to Dress Up.

  • Floral Patterns 9 of 26

    Floral patterns are one of the easiest patterns to mix and match with.
    Find out more at Look Mazing.

  • Adding Accessories 10 of 26

    Adding a thick belt can split up the patterns.
    Find out more at Running on Happiness.

  • Don’t Just Mix Patterns 11 of 26

    The matching doesn't stop at the patterns. Check out the triangle end details of the skirt and blazer.
    Find out more at Viva Luxury.

  • Using Colors 12 of 26

    This outfit looks great because she used a similar color pallet and split the patterns up by adding a skinny belt.
    Find out more at Crew Crazy Lady.

  • Neutral Accessories 13 of 26

    A neutral accessory can help blend a pattern and print.
    Find out more at We Heart It.

  • Similar Pallets 14 of 26

    This bold and busy skirt goes well with this thick striped top because of the similar colors.
    Find out more at My Style Pill.

  • Mixing Two Busy Patterns 15 of 26

    This is difficult to pull off, but when you're matching two bold and busy patterns you can use a color to pull them together.
    Find out more at Canopia.

  • Black and Whites 16 of 26

    Using black and neutral colors as a basis is a great way to start mixing and matching patterns.
    Find out more at Canopia.

  • A Single Color to Start 17 of 26

    The mustard floral color on this top matches the mustard color in the skirt enough to make it match.
    Find out more at Behind the Dressing Room Door.

  • Thick Patterns 18 of 26

    Mix a pattern skirt with a striped top like this by using thick patterns and stripes and similar colors.
    Find out more at Brooklyn Blonde.

  • Thick Polka Dots and Thin Stripes 19 of 26

    Make your outfit a bit more contrast by adding thick polka dots to thin stripes.
    Find out more at Whitney Justine.

  • Similar Shapes 20 of 26

    Using two similar shapes, like the circular shape used here, is a great way to mix and match.
    Find out more at Crew Crazy Lady.

  • Bright and Coloful 21 of 26

    Wear an article that has already been mixed and matched, then add a third to make it bolder.
    Find out more at Butterflies on Mars.

  • Neutral Shirts 22 of 26

    Use a neutral shirt to help mix and match your patterns and prints.
    Find out more at Chictopia.

  • Add a Pattern Accessory 23 of 26

    If you start out with a simple outfit, just add on a pattern belt or scarf to make your outfit more diverse.
    Find out more at Love at First Shoe.

  • Mixing Three Patterns 24 of 26

    Using three different patterns can seem daunting, but making sure there are similar colors can make it much easier. Here, she uses green.
    Find out more at Pashteit.

  • Polka Dots & Colors 25 of 26

    This colorful combination looks great together because of the matching polka dots on the sweater and dress.
    Find out more at Butterflies on Mars.

  • Square Patterns 26 of 26

    The square patterns help match these two together.
    Find out more at Lady Moriarty in Paris.


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