25 Ways to Style: Dresses

We kicked off the 25 Ways to Style series with 25 Ways to Style: T-Shirts and Straight Leg Jeans. Now, we’re talking dresses. Simple changes to a dress – like adding a belt or jacket – can go a long way in changing up your style. Take your favorite ‘cutesy’ dress and put a leather crop jacket over it for an edgier look. Turn a sophisticated dress into a daytime picnic dress by just adding a straw hat. You’ll be surprised to see the dramatic changes that can be made with just a few tweaks to your wardrobe.

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  • Belt 2 of 26

    Bring in a shirt dress with a tan belt to accentuate your waistline. The nude purse makes a great accessory to this look as well.
    Find out more at Atlantic Pacific.

  • Dress + Purse 3 of 26

    Have a dress with a simple color palette? Match your dress perfectly with your purse.
    Find out more at The Blonde Salad.

  • All Black 4 of 26

    Take your classic black dress and add more black with a black leather jacket, purse, and boots.
    Find out more at Vanessa Jackman.

  • Anorak Jacket 5 of 26

    Take a simple fitted dress and pair it with an anorak jacket for a casual look.
    Find out more at Seersucker and Saddles.

  • Straw Hat 6 of 26

    I love the look of the straw hat with the sophistication of the polka dot dress.
    Find out more at Atlantic Pacific.

  • Patterned Jacket 7 of 26

    Pair a solid dress with a bold snake skin or animal pattern jacket.
    Find out more at The Glitter Guide.

  • Brown + Black 8 of 26

    Pair a floppy brown hat with a simple patterned dress and solid tights.
    Find out more at B is for Bonnie.

  • Denim + Maxi 9 of 26

    Style your maxi dress with a denim jacket and a pair of matching earrings.
    Find out more at Kendi Everyday.

  • Tough Dress 10 of 26

    A camo jacket over a simple white dress with a stunning statement necklace is a fun way to style a basic closet dress.
    Find out more at Penny Pincher Fashion.

  • Bright + Dark 11 of 26

    Use a bright colored jacket with a dark dress.
    Find out more at The Glitter Guide.

  • Solid Layers 12 of 26

    If you have a dress with a bold pattern, try layering with a solid color blazer and scarf.
    Find out more at Atlantic Pacific.

  • Rain Boots 13 of 26

    Style a patterned dress with some matching rain boots.
    Find out more at Kendi Everyday.

  • Mid Calf Boots 14 of 26

    Wear tights and some mid calf boots with a dress to add some sophisticated style.
    Find out more at The Ivory Lane.

  • Pattern Play 15 of 26

    Layer patterns together. Polka dot dress over a gingham shirt with a belted camo jacket to pull in the waist line. The consistent color with the dress and shirt make the pattern mixing work.
    Find out more at Biscuits and Navy.

  • Vest 16 of 26

    Use a cargo vest with a solid colored dress to add a fun, cool layer.
    Find out more at Kendi Everyday.

  • Pastel Layers 17 of 26

    Go semi-monochromatic with a solid dress and layer on a jacket with similar piping and a scarf with your dress color. It's feminine and elegant without trying too hard.
    Find out more at Penny Pincher Fashion.

  • Black 18 of 26

    A black long sleeve shirt and black tights under a sleeveless dress is so chic and slimming.
    Find out more at Vogue.

  • Tied Button Down 19 of 26

    Wear a button down tied over a patterned dress for a casual look.
    Find out more at Sterling Style.

  • Sweater 20 of 26

    Put a sweater over a pattern dress and wear it like a skirt. It gives you another look without an extra piece of clothing.
    Find out more at 9 to 5 Chic.

  • Wrapped Scarf 21 of 26

    Bring pattern and color into a basic maxi by adding a head wrap. It's a great way to style your hair too.
    Find out more at Hello Fashion.

  • Blues 22 of 26

    Match your shoes and purse to the color of your dress. Add a solid blazer in the primary color of your dress.
    Find out more at Atlantic Pacific.

  • Gingham + Knit 23 of 26

    A simple patterned dress like gingham looks great with a chunky belted knit sweater.
    Find out more at 9 to 5 Chic.

  • Button Down 24 of 26

    Wear a button down under a short sleeve dress. Get crazy with rain boots and the overall color palette as long as you are wearing solid colors.
    Find out more at Bold Meets Basic.

  • Statement Necklace 25 of 26

    Take a simple pattern dress like polka dots and pair it with a bright and bold statement necklace.
    Find out more at Perfection Possibilities.

  • Striped Tee 26 of 26

    Add some pattern under a little black dress. I love that this outfit is white and black, but she has red lipstick, clutch, and nail polish. It has just the right amount of color sprinkled in.
    Find out more at Penny Pincher Fashion.

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