25 Ways to Style: T-Shirt and Straight Leg Jeans

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Make the most out of your t-shirts and jeans with these 25 Ways to Style tips. Dress up the outfit for a night out by putting on a pair of heels and tucking the front of your shirt into your pants. A statement necklace or stylish blazer can go a long way from taking your outfit from drab to fab. Even if you’re just picking the kids up from school, there are quick changes you can make to the outfit to make you look fashion savvy, while still being comfy.

Check out all the helpful tips in 25 Ways to Style: T-Shirt and Straight Leg Jeans…

  • 25 Ways to Style: T-Shirt and Straight Jeans 1 of 26
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  • With Colorful Heels 2 of 26

    Dress up your favorite t-shirt with jeans by adding in a pair of heels.
    Find out more at The Fancy Pants Report.

  • T-Shirt, Summer Scarf, Sandals 3 of 26

    Go for a bohemian look by throwing on a patterned or brightly colored summer scarf.
    Find out more at Shannon Hearts.

  • T-Shirt, Scarf, Cardigan, Booties 4 of 26

    When the cold weather comes in, keep warm with a cardigan, booties, and a scarf.
    Find out more at Restyle, Restore, Rejoice.

  • Oversized Sweater, Scarf, Booties 5 of 26

    This cute style is a nice mix of laid back, while also being stylish.
    Find out more at Britta Nickel.

  • Coat, Rolled Jeans, and Combat Boots 6 of 26

    Roll up the bottoms of your straight leg jeans just so they sit at the top of a pair of combat boots. This is a great travel look.
    Find out more at Chictopia.

  • Chambray, Scarf, and Boots 7 of 26

    For days when it's not too chilly, put on a pair of boots over your jeans and add a chambray button down.
    Find out more at Flats to Flip Flops.

  • T-shirt, Rolled Jeans, Oxfords 8 of 26

    This effortless look is great for when you're running out to pick up the kids. Roll up the jeans, tuck in the shirt, and you're ready to go.
    Find out more at Haute Look.

  • Rolled Jeans, Tucked In, Monochrome 9 of 26

    Go with a certain color scheme, like this black and brown. Cuff the bottom of your jeans and wear a few necklaces to change it up.
    Find out more at Wall Muse.

  • Boots, Small Belt, Big Sweater 10 of 26

    Your go-to winter outfit can be jeans tucked into boots and a tucked in t-shirt with a belt that matches your shoes. Keep warm with a big sweater and oversized scarf.
    Find out more at Fashion Freax.

  • Blazer and Tennis Shoes 11 of 26

    Wear your baggier, straight leg jeans with tennis shoes and dress up the outfit with a blazer.
    Find out more at For the Love Of.

  • Bold Shoes and Pop of Color Cardigan 12 of 26

    Make a statement by wearing a loud pair of shoes that are sure to get attention. Match it with a solid colored cardigan.
    Find out more at A Beautiful Mess.

  • Bold Accessories 13 of 26

    The easiest way to dress up a t-shirt and jeans is with bold and colorful accessories.
    Find out more at The Confessions of a Product Junkie.

  • Heel Sandals, Chunky Necklace 14 of 26

    Look very stylish by wearing heeled sandals and a chunky necklace with your t-shirt and jeans.
    Find out more at The Confessions of a Product Junke.

  • Trench Coat and Statement Necklace 15 of 26

    This also makes a great winter outfit that is also easy to manage when you step out of the cold and into a warm building.
    Find out more at Clothed Much.

  • Wedges and Purse Scarf 16 of 26

    Rock your favorite pair of wedges with jeans and a t-shirt. Add a fun print by tying a scarf to your handbag.
    Find out more at Poor Little Girl.

  • Leather Jacket and Flats 17 of 26

    Give your outfit a little edge by wearing a leather jacket and a metallic pair of flats.
    Find out more at Lolobu.

  • Loose T-Shirt and Fedora 18 of 26

    Wear one of your most loose fitting t-shirts for this casual look and hide your messy hair with a cute fedora.
    Find out more at Scotch and Soda.

  • Beanie and Accessories 19 of 26

    Dress up your t-shirt and ripped jeans with a gold watch, leather clutch, and a fashionable beanie.
    Find out more at Lolobu.

  • The Tuck and a Necklace 20 of 26

    The Tuck has been very popular this season, practice it a few times and when you get it right, throw on a necklace and head out for the day.
    Find out more at Lucia K Jewelry.

  • Peep Toe Ankle Boots and Blazer 21 of 26

    Peep toe ankle boots are making a statement this season. Wear them with jeans, a t-shirt, and a blazer for a sophisticated yet comfy look.
    Find out more at Chicisimo.

  • Suspenders 22 of 26

    If you're feeling adventurous, wear your jeans and t-shirt with a pair of suspenders.
    Find out more at 2Threads.

  • Full Tuck 23 of 26

    This 90s look is back and can definitely be a fashionable way to show off your t-shirt and jeans.
    Find out more at Student Rate.

  • Medium Boots and Poncho 24 of 26

    Tuck your jeans into a pair of medium height boots with a large poncho and crossover bag.
    Find out more at A Trendy Lifestyle.

  • Layering 25 of 26

    Change up your t-shirt and jeans by layering with a button down and jacket.
    Find out more at Delightfully Tacky.

  • Colorful Socks and a Blazer 26 of 26

    Roll up your jeans to show off a fun pair of socks. Give your outfit a sophisticated edge by wearing a blazer with it.
    Find out more at Simply Bike Blog.

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