25 Ways to Wear a Summer Scarf

The summer scarf makes for an easy and affordable way to dress up your wardrobe. Tie your hair up with it when you’re sitting by the pool and wrap it around your neck when the sun starts to set. Comfy outfits like a T-shirt and jeans, can easily be dressed up with a colorful scarf. Now the question is, which one of the 25 Ways to Wear a Summer Scarf will you be sporting this season?

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  • Scarf and Skirt 2 of 26

    Wear a colorful skirt with a short skirt and T-shirt.
    Find out more at Obaz.

  • Pick a Print 3 of 26

    Use a printed scarf to dress up a T-shirt and jeans.
    Get the tutorial at MADE.

  • Scarf and Chambray 4 of 26

    Dress up a chambray top with a colorful, pastel scarf.
    Buy it for $4.99 at Urban Outfitters.

  • Tie it All Together 5 of 26

    Coordinate the colors in your scarf to match your entire outfit.
    Find out more at New Fashion Trends.

  • Frida Kahlo Style 6 of 26

    Wear a scarf in your hair that goes with your favorite vintage dress.
    Find out more at Chictopia.

  • With Your Bikini 7 of 26

    Wear your scarf in your hair when you're in the pool and use it for extra warmth when you get out.
    Find out more at Fashion for Breakfast.

  • Matchy, Matchy 8 of 26

    Match your scarf to your purse and wear muted colors for the outfit.
    Find out more at LookBook.

  • With a Denim Vest 9 of 26

    Put a summer scarf under the collar of a denim vest and put on fun jewelry to match.
    Find out more at Decor Salto Alto.

  • All Black 10 of 26

    Look sleek and chic with a subtle summer scarf over all black.
    Find out more at Harpers Bazaar.

  • Styling Basics 11 of 26

    A summer scarf is a great way to add a little bit of dimension to an outfit that is based on basics.
    Find out more at Faintly Masculine.

  • Silk and Sweet 12 of 26

    Put a colorful silk scarf with a white dress.
    Find out more at Lesa Pea.

  • Twiggy 13 of 26

    Wear a summer scarf in your hair and pair with white glasses for a 60s style.
    Find out more at Indy Posted.

  • Mix Prints 14 of 26

    Get creative with your scarf by mixing patterns and prints.
    Find out more at ASOS.

  • Around the Wrist 15 of 26

    Wrap a colorful scarf around your wrist like a bracelet.
    Find out more at So Royalty.

  • Anklet Scarf 16 of 26

    Tie a colorful scarf around your ankle for a fun fashion statement.
    Find out more at Lupi Design.

  • Scarf Necklace 17 of 26

    Tie your scarf in a couple of knots and have it hang like a necklace.
    Find out more at ExPress-O.

  • Classic Lady 18 of 26

    Go for a very classic look with bold sunglasses and your summer scarf draped over your hair.
    Find out more at Trendy Traveler.

  • Go Big 19 of 26

    Wear subtle makeup and a bold colored over-size scarf.
    Find out more at Anthropologie.

  • With a Belt 20 of 26

    Let your scarf hang low and tie it down with a colored belt.
    Find out more at Style Journey.

  • Scarf as a Belt 21 of 26

    Style a pair of shorts with a scarf belt you let hang to the side.
    Find out more at My Showroom Blog.

  • With a Brooch 22 of 26

    Drape a large scarf across you completely and pin down with a unique brooch.
    Find out more at Self.

  • Bow Scarf 23 of 26

    Tie your scarf into a loose bow.
    Find out more at World Market.

  • Wrap Around 24 of 26

    Wrap your scarf around the straps of your dress and tie it in a knot in the front.
    Find out more at To Vogue or Bust.

  • Beach Hair Style 25 of 26

    Tie back your beach hair with a scarf and leave loose waves in front.
    Find out more at Goldfish Kiss.

  • Scarf as Skirt 26 of 26

    Wear it as a skirt or as a sarong over a bathing suit.
    Find out more at Blog da Mariah.

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