3 Comfy and Stylish “Mom Uniforms” for When You’re on the Go

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As a mom, it’s easy to get sucked into frumpiness. I certainly don’t look pulled together every day (as I sit here writing this in my pajamas), but on the days that I do make an effort, there is a key that is helpful in achieving that “having it all together” look. The secret is in the extras. Handbags, arm candy, shoes, and yes — even your stroller. It’s about the entire package. So when I was looking for a double stroller, I wanted something sleek and modern to match my “mom uniforms” that were also super-functional. And the Bugaboo Donkey is just that.

When I first tried out the Bugaboo Donkey, there were three main elements that stuck out to me:

  1. It’s thin for a side-by-side double stroller, so it still fits through doorways and on sidewalks with ease.
  2. The large and easily maneuvered wheels make it easy to use for running.
  3. The fancy two-wheel maneuvering system makes it easy to pull across sand or gravel.

… all while being sleek, modern, and stylish. So let’s get that pulled together look for you and your babies, shall we? Here are my top 3 “mom uniforms” that correspond with my favorite features of the Bugaboo Donkey.

1. The Casual, Everyday Uniform

As I mentioned, this stroller is perfect for daily use. It’s quick and easy to snap together, throw your babies in, and venture off to the park, on a walk, or on a family weekend adventure.


Simple basics like jeans and T-shirts mixed with stylish (yet comfortable) accessories make up my go-to uniform.

photo 2

For the Kids:

  • Comfy T-Shirts. I find mine at Gap, Old Navy, Target, and little personal shops. My kids love graphic tees, and I love modern, comfy tops. Find pieces they can run and play in, all while looking put together.
  • Jeans and Jean Shorts. My boys live in these. We chopped off last years’ jeans to make denim cut-offs for my older son and shopped the girls section for my 2-year-old to find the best skinny jeans.
  • Vans and Moccasins. My boys would live in flip-flops all year round if I let them, but I try to enforce closed-toe shoes when we’re out playing for safety’s sake. A cute pair of vans for my 4-year-old and moccasins for my 2-year-old are always our top choices.

For Me:

  • Oversized T-Shirts. These are my go-to, everyday staple. Find ones that are fitted on your arms so the bagginess looks purposeful, and tuck them in your jeans at the front for an even more purposeful look. This one from Sheinside is my favorite.
  • Distressed Jeans. These are super popular right now and are my favorite casual look. Try these from Gap or Dittos.
  • Baseball Caps or Fedora Hats. These are great, casual accessories that keep your (maybe) greasy hair looking good.
  • Sneakers. These are huge right now, and these leopard ones from Target are comfy and cute.


2. The Athletic Uniform

The Bugaboo Donkey is also great for running. In-line strollers get heavy and hard to turn when you’re running, so this side-by-side one is my favorite to take out. The big wheels are sturdy and turn easily, plus its wrist strap makes it easy to hang on to while you’re pushing it along. Each seat also has extra large, extendable canopies that cover those little eyes and faces when you’re out in the blazing sun.


Even in athletic clothes, I want to look cute and put-together. I also often finish our runs down at the beach or at the park, so I want my boys in comfy clothes that can work for sitting comfortably in the stroller and for playing at the end.

photo 1

For the Kids:

  • Leggings and Basketball Shorts. This striped pair (also from the girls section) and these basketball shorts are our favorites.
  • Soft T-Shirts. These are perfect for easy movement. We found these at Target and Old Navy.
  • Tennis Shoes. Though they typically get thrown off once we get to the beach, if they want to run alongside me while on our way there, it’s nice to have a pair of sturdy shoes. I usually go for ones with velcro, but somehow I’ve ended up with only lace-ups right now (amateur mom move).

For Me:

  • Compression Athletic Leggings. These are something I only discovered about a year ago, but they’ve changed the way I feel about exercising completely. Feeling my lower half jiggle around as I run is super annoying, so having a pair of pants that keeps everything held in, like these ones from Ellie do, is amazing.
  • Basic Sports Bras and Tank TopsBoth of these from Target keep me looking put together on top.
  • Running Shoes. A great pair of sneakers, like these Nikes, keep my feet cute and comfy while I work out.


 3. The Beach Uniform

My very favorite feature of the Bugaboo Donkey is its ability to go on two wheels and easily be pulled across the sand or gravel. Since we live by the beach, this is super handy and my favorite part is that you don’t even have to take your kids out to do it. Just pull the side levers, push the axle, and it folds right up.


When I moved close to the beach, I was completely clueless and had nothing to wear down to the beach. Now, after two years of living here, I’ve figured out a few stylish essentials for me and my kids.

photo 3

For the Kids:

  • Sturdy Swimming Suits. With all the sand, water, and rocks, we go through flimsy pairs of swimming trunks super quickly. Our favorites are from Old Navy, but we recently tried out a few pairs from SwimZip and love them.
  • T-Shirts and Rash Guards. These are also great for protecting that baby skin!
  • Sandals. Old Navy has our favorite flip-flops — and they’re only $3!

For Me:

  • Sturdy Swimsuits. These are also important for me! I only buy J.Crew ones because they fit me well, they’re super sturdy, and they last for years.
  • Beach Dresses. I’ve collected a bunch of these in all varieties over the past two years, and they’re invaluable for beach days. They’re easy-to-wear, you look put-together, and if they get wet, their lightweight material means they dry super fast.
  • Sandals. Flip-flops might be your first choice, but sandals are always mine because they look much more mature and put-together than flips.
  • Beach Hat. An essential for keeping the sun off your face and your hair out of the wind!


If you’re a stylish mom-on-the-go, this is the perfect stroller for you. And even if you don’t have two babies yet, it easily converts to just one seat, like this!

After you throw on your own “mom uniform,” all you have to decide is which color stroller to get.

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