3 Fashion Staples That Will Make Nursing More Comfortable

I think every woman who has had a baby knows the excitement of walking into her closet after giving birth and passing over the giant tent of a T-shirt she’s been wearing for the past two months. Which is then followed by the crushing disappointment of realizing that she still doesn’t fit into most of her regular clothes AND she needs nursing access.

Dressing for pregnancy is hard but, in my experience, dressing for nursing is even harder!

My baby is now 6 weeks old and nurses every three hours or less, which means I need constant nursing access. I’ve still got about 10 extra pounds hanging on to my lower half, which limits my wardrobe options even further. After messing around in my closet for a bit, I’ve discovered three key pieces that keep me covered, comfortable, and able to nurse whenever I need to this fall!

Nursing Staple #1: A Plaid Shirt



Similar shirt from Aeropostale, $19.75 (on sale) / Similar jeans from Forever 21, $24.80 / Similar boots from Minnetonka, $43.95


This plaid shirt was one of my favorites pre-pregnancy, but it’s really pulling its weight now! It’s loose enough that it doesn’t cling to my leftover baby weight and it unbuttons for easy nursing access. A scarf adds warmth, texture, and does double-duty as a nursing cover. Also, I now understand the appeal of high-waisted mom jeans. None of my other jeans are even close to fitting again, but this pair buttoned, zipped, AND held my belly in. It felt like a huge victory.


Similar shirt from Aeropostale, $19.75 (on sale) / Similar jacket from 6pm, $43.99 / Similar booties from Forever 21, $37.90

Adding a leather jacket and booties kick a basic comfy outfit up a notch without sacrificing any coziness. It’s basically a glorified version of my pajamas.


Nursing Staple #2: Target Nursing Tank



Nursing tank from Target, $25.99 / Cardigan from OASAP, $29.49 (on sale)

This is my third baby, my second nurser, and somehow my first experience with nursing tanks. This one from Target has a light slimming effect, which my post-baby bod really appreciates. At home I usually wear it solo with yoga pants and a cardigan. It’s super comfortable but I’m still decent for when the FedEx guy knocks or a friend stops by!



Nursing tank from Target, $25.99 / Similar tee from Forever 21, $12.80 / Similar skirt from Express, $29.99

There are a few tops in my closet that are loose enough to pull up for nursing access … if only my belly wasn’t hanging out! This nursing tank is the perfect layer to wear underneath. It keeps my leftover pudge from the public eye and keeps me a little warmer. (There is nothing worse than a cold breeze on your exposed midsection when you’re nursing at the park).


Nursing Staple #3: Super Stretchy V-Neck Tee


V-neck tee from Target, $6 (on sale) / Similar vest from Old Navy, $25 (on sale)

 I have this super stretchy V-neck tee in three colors. It pulls down for easy nursing and goes with just about everything. Wearing it with a puffy vest camouflages the fact that I’m still wearing maternity jeans!



 V-neck tee from Target, $6 (on sale) / Similar skirt from Macy’s, $26.99 (on sale) / Similar coat from OASAP, $76

When I am not pregnant or nursing, I am shaped like a rectangle. Nursing and leftover baby pudge give me new curves to work with! A tight tee and high-waisted skirt helped me feel like an hourglass instead of a frumpy new mom on a date night with my husband (and baby. She’ll be our third wheel for a while). A nubby coat adds texture and also gives a little coverage if you’re a shy nurser like I am.


What do you wear when you’re still a little soft in the middle but need to nurse a hungry baby?

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