3 Ways to Make a Bohemian Tassel Necklace

3 DIY Bohemian tassel Necklaces

Tassels aren’t just for curtains and lampshades these days, we have seen them become a fringy fun statement dangling from ears, on the trims of our scarves, and my favorite trend of them all, hanging from our necklaces. The tassel has been going strong for about two years now and it appears that it’ll be hanging out for a while, so it’s not too late to jump on this trend. Lately the tassel necklace has been having a more dressy moment for the holidays, made from chain and metallics. However I’m rather partial to a more bohemian and casual vibe to wear with aztec, tribal and southwestern styles, denim jackets and long skirts and dresses. I’m pretty crazy about this accessory.

I have been thinking about making these little guys for a while and took a trip to the craft store and started looking and feeling different materials to get inspiration for how to put them together. I walked out of JoAnn’s with a bunch of embroidery thread, metallic leather pieces, wooden beads, and a couple size of jump rings. I got home and just started to experiment, and as I suspected, it was a rather simple process to create a tassel necklace.

Here are 3 easy techniques I created for different necklaces. Feel free to add or embellish upon your own necklaces with your own original ideas! So many rad things you can do with a simple tassel… let’s begin !

  • The First Look — Beaded Leather Tassel Necklace 1 of 25

    Let's begin with this beaded Leather Tassel Necklace since it's probably my favorite of the three. Though it requires just a few extra steps, it's totally worth it for a high impact accessory that you made all by your cool self! 

  • What you Need To Make A Beaded Leather Tassel Necklace: 2 of 25

    1. Leather Swatch - I found this nice soft gold rectangular piece of leather at Joann's near the jewelry making section. (Note: this was NOT found in the fabric section.) You can also buy leather ribbon, but I would recommend a swatch. It was extremely easy to work with and it looks high quality. I bet Michael's also carries something like it in the leather crafting section. (It cost about $9. Use the app for coupons to get 40% off.)


    2. Pre-beaded Necklace - You are more than welcome to string your own beads onto a necklace, but if you want to skip that step and go easy, you can buy these inexpensive pre-beaded necklaces. They don't hang as straight, but they still work nicely especially in three different colors. I also found these at Joann's. 


    3. Leather Cord - Also found in the jewelry making aisle, you'll use these to fastening your beads to the tassel. You could also substitute with a thick string or strong jute. 


    4. Jump Rings - You'll need a package of large-sized jump rings in nice metallic colors. While you're there, grab some of the smaller size jump rings too, since they'll come in handy for the other tassels.


    5. Large Wooden Bead - You can buy a small package of these, also at JoAnn's, the important thing to look for are beads with a large opening.


    6. Scissors - To cut everything up of course.

  • Step 1 & 2: Fold, Then Cut Your Tassels 3 of 25

    1. Fold your leather piece and begin cutting the fringy tassels. On this particular tassel, I opted for a little bit of a wider cut. The width is up to you! Cut as far up to the fold as possible, but NOT all the way. This is where you will fold the tassel over the jump ring. Once you have cut about 4-6 tassels, cut it all of the way.  (NOTE: hold on to the remaining leather for the next tassel!)


    2. Once you have cut your tassels, you can unfold the leather to see nice symmetrical tassels on both ends. Cut this piece at the fold into 2 equal pieces. So if you made 4 tassels you should have two strips of 2 now, make sense? (see above)

  • Step 3 & 4: Layer, Then Tie Your Tassels 4 of 25

    3. Once you have cut your tassel strips into 2, layer them on top of each other as seen above.


    4. Using about an 8 inch piece of the thin leather cord, tie the two leather strips together at the fold as seen above. Tie it tight and securely.

  • Step 5 & 6: Add Your Bead, Then Your Jump Ring 5 of 25

    5. Now take your large wooden bead and slide it over both ends of the tie and pull it down snuggly to the fold of the tassel. Make sure your bead has a nice wide opening.


    6. Using the larger sized jump ring, also thread both ends of the tie through the ring. The picture is a bit blurry, but slide it to the bead.

  • Step 7 & 8: Tie Tightly, Then Separate 6 of 25

    7. Now for the trickiest step, but don't ya worry, you can do it! Now take both ends of the ties and feed them back through your wooden bead. As you can see the jump ring dangling. This is what it will do while you are feeding it through. Once you get it through and tie it, it will all tighten together.


    8. Once both cords are through, separate each tie to opposite sides of the tassel, than simply flip the tassel upside down and tie the two chords together into a tight double knot in the center underside of the tassel. Be careful not to snap your chord. This should pull everything together. Once secure, trim your chord pieces nice and short. You won't see them once the tassel is hanging.

  • Step 9 & 10: Trim Your Tassels, Then Add The Small Jump Ring 7 of 25

    9. Now trim your tassel so that all the pieces are the same length (unless you want them uneven, cool too). Cut them shorter for a fuller look, or longer for a thinner look. I went somewhere in the middle.


    10. Using a smaller jump ring, separate it using a bit of pressure with your fingers. Add the small jump ring to the large jump ring. This small ring is what you will use to attach to the beaded necklace. Keep it open for the next step!

  • Step 11 & 12: Open, Then Slide The Beads Through 8 of 25

    11. Once small jump ring is attached, it should look like the above picture, open it wide enough to slide between the beads.


    12. Find a nice center point on your pre-beaded necklace, or if you want to bead one yourself that is cool too. Once you find the desired center point, slide the open jump ring between the two beads over the string. Then using a bit of pressure, close the gap in the jump ring nice and tight so the tassel won't fall off.

  • Get Your Tassel On! 9 of 25

    Mission Accomplished! All that is left to do is to wear it! I've been wearing this necklace non-stop with all my bohemian looks.

  • Second Look — Embroidery Thread Tassel Necklace 10 of 25

    This was my first attempt at making a tassel, and I have to say it was beyond easy. It is a very simple style, yet it adds so much color to your outfit! It's so easy that you could make them in several colors and switch them on your chain to suit whatever look you are wearing! Yay!

  • What You Need To Make An Embroidery Thread Tassel: 11 of 25

    Embroidery Thread - I found this thread at Joann's. Choose a thread with a heavier weight. This twisty style worked perfectly and came in a huge variety of colors. 


    Long Chain - I found mine at Target in the clearance aisle, which I think is your easiest, cheapest best bet as opposed to buying chain and the fasteners and putting it together yourself. 


    Jump Rings - For the embroidery style tassel, go with the smaller sized jump rings. The ones by Plaid pictured above worked perfectly. Notice how the bag contains two sizes, a larger and a smaller, you will need both sizes! 


    Scissors - For cutting the thread!

  • Step 1 & 2: Remove Packaging, Then Add Large Jump Ring 12 of 25

    1. For this tassel you will literally use the entire amount just as seen above in step 1. Simply remove the packaging and you're ready!


    2. Take one of the large metallic jump rings and slide it over one end of the thread to the center point. Once you have done this, you can start untwisting the thread but still keep it all in tact. 

  • Step 3 & 4: Cut The Loops, Then UnWind 13 of 25

    3. Once you have added the jump ring and unwound the thread, cut the loops at the ends of both sides.


    4. Carefully extract about 5-6 pieces of thread, this will be used to tie it all together. Then at the center point, fold the thread in half around the jump ring as seen above.

  • Step 5 & 6: Secure With Extra Thread, Then Double Knot 14 of 25

    5. You may need an extra hand for this step to have someone hold the tassel from the jump ring as you then tie your extra pieces of thread around your tassels, just beneath the bottom of the jump ring.


    6. Double knot it clean and tight.

  • Step 7 & 8: Trim The Knot, Then Trim The Bottom Of The Tassel 15 of 25

    7. After tying your knot, trim the top of the knot, but the bottom thread of the knot should hang and blend in with the tassel.


    8. Trim the bottom of the tassel to even it out and thicken it up. Go shorter for fullness, or longer for a slimmer tassel. I went somewhere in the middle.

  • Step 9 & 10: Add The Small Jump Ring, Then Attach To The Chain 16 of 25

    9. Grab one of the smaller sized jump rings, open it up with a bit of pressure, then slide it around the larger jump ring. Then just close the gap up nice and tight by pinching it back together.


    10. Now add it to your long chain! 

  • Ready To Wear! 17 of 25

    You're all done! Throw it around your neck and you are ready to move on to the next tassel tutorial! 

  • Third Look — Skinny Metallic Tassel Necklace 18 of 25

    Cute and chic, no?!

  • What You Need To Make A Skinny Metallic Tassel Necklace: 19 of 25

    1. Leather Swatch- Use the remaining piece from the first necklace. 


    2. Long Chain Necklace - I used a long chain that I had in my old jewelry, but you can also go to stores like Target or WalMart to find long necklaces on the clearance rack that you can disassemble and use. This is easier and cheaper than buying the chain and clasps, but you are welcome to do that if you like.


    3. Jump Rings - Same ones from the first Tassel. Look for a larger size in a metallic variety. I found mine in JoAnn's.


    4. Glue Gun


    5. Scissors



  • Step 1 & 2: Fold, Then Cut The Leather 20 of 25

    1. Using the remaining piece of leather, repeat the same step as used in the first Tassel by folding in half and cutting the tassels. NOTE: make sure to leave about and inch worth of leather, you will need this last piece to wrap the tassel together.


    2. For this Tassel, I cut the strips nice and thin for a fringier look. Remember to cut the strips close to the fold, but not all the way.


  • Step 3 & 4: Measure, Then Cut Into Two Pieces 21 of 25

    3. When you are finished cutting your strips, it should resemble the picture above when lying flat. 


    4. In order for the leather to fit through the jump ring, cut the strip into 2 equal pieces as seen above. Similar to our first tassel.

  • Step 5 & 6: Feed Through The Jump Ring, Then Cut An Extra Leather Strip 22 of 25

    5. Feed the cut strips through the jump ring to the center of the pieces and fold, layering them on top of each other as seen above. 


    6. Using your last remaining piece of leather, cut a quarter inch strip. This will be used to wrap around the tassel. 

  • Step 7: Glue The Extra Leather Strip Around The Tassel 23 of 25

    7. As seen above, on one side of the tassel begin by adding a dab of glue. Fasten one end of the strip to the tassel, then wrap it securely around the tassel. Add another dab of glue to the back side of the piece you wrapped around the tassel, using pressure, tightly wrap the end over and hold it down for a second to secure it. Then trim the excess leather. 

  • Step 8 & 9: Trim, Add The Small Jump Ring And Attach 24 of 25

    8. Trim the bottom of the tassel to even it out. It should look like the middle picture.


    9. Add another small jump ring to the top, this allows you to hand the tassel to your chain so it will hang properly without flipping around to the back side.

  • Finished! 25 of 25

    I added my gold tassel to a silver chain, to mix my metallics up! Such a simple, yet chic look!


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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