30 Smart Fashion Tips Everyone Should Know

I’m a sucker for a good lifestyle tip — especially when it comes to freshening up my wardrobe.

Which is why I was happy to find’s 101 Fashion Tips and Tricks Every Girl Should Know — full of useful know-how from industry experts, ranging from how to remove a red wine stain, to how to break in stiff new shoes.

And I tried most of these out for you, just to make sure they weren’t bogus.

Here are 30 of my favorite fashion tips to keep in your back pocket — to save you time and money:

  • Important info ahead! 1 of 31

    Tip on how to keep your wardrobe fresh, clean, and flattering...

  • Red Wine Stains 2 of 31

    I know, I was skeptical too.

    Apparently white wine doesn't exactly remove red wine stains, but it acts like a neutralizer before washing with soap and water. I tested this out on a pristine white hand towel, and was majorly bummed when the white wine only made the red stain look wetter. But then I used a little bit of soap and water, and the entire stain lifted right off.


  • Smelly Vintage Clothes 3 of 31

    I've heard this tip before, so I tried it out on some old musty summer clothes. Granted they weren't as smelly as a vintage thrift-shop find, but it totally worked.

  • Shopping Tip 4 of 31

    Lycra FTW! Check those tags before buying, folks. 

  • Wax Splatters 5 of 31

    I've actually done this on carpet before, but it works even better on clothes.

  • Dark Jean Maintenance 6 of 31

    Seems to be working! No complaints yet.

  • Protect Your Tights 7 of 31

    You can also stop in-progress runs by painting a little clear nailpolish on top. I've saved many a pair of tights this way. 

  • Stretch Tight Shoes 8 of 31

    Please don't fill water directly into your shoes. You'd think that should go without saying, and yet...

  • Bra Replacement 9 of 31
    tip08 claims that this is when bras start to lose their elasticity and support, yet you should definitely hand wash them to get the most longevity. 

  • Another Shopping Tip 10 of 31


  • Don’t Be That Person 11 of 31

    Perfect for those mornings when you over-sprtiz yourself with perfume.

  • Protect Your Specs 12 of 31

    I'm not sure how much they can be warped from a hot afternoon on your head, but it's worth noting — especially if you invest in pricey glasses.

  • No Pit Stains Here 13 of 31
    tip12 claims that the lemon's natural acid dissolves alkaline sweat residue that would cause yellow discoloration. Definitely adding this to my bag of tricks.

  • Buyer’s Remorse? 14 of 31

    This is how I live my life. In fact, I'm headed back to Target today for a purchase I can't stop thinking about.

  • Water-Stained Leather 15 of 31

    I haven't tried this one yet, but I'll certainly give it a go during boot season.

  • A New Use for the Salad Spinner 16 of 31

    Gah! Brilliant! You can also dry your bras this way, by the way, because a salad spinner quickly removes excess water without the damaging effects of a dryer. 

    (And even if your cashmere claims to be machine washable, it's always best washed by hand.)

  • Hold Off on the Tailor 17 of 31

    Jeans will always shrink in length when washed, according to Have you found this to be true?

  • Those Pesky Oil Stains 18 of 31

    If the stain is still there the next day, repeat the process until it's gone.

  • Cashmere Quality 19 of 31


  • Spring Cleaning 20 of 31

    If the answer is no, toss it in the donation pile. 

  • Fuzzies 21 of 31

    It works!

  • Suede: Part 1 22 of 31

    Just gently rub the dirt and stains with the stale bread crust until it's gone. 

  • Suede: Part 2 23 of 31

    Another smart tip to keep your shoes looking fresh.

  • Cleaning Tip 24 of 31

    Most of us know this one, but it's worth including. Rubbing or wiping a stain can actually ingrain it into the fabric.


  • Kisses! 25 of 31

    Again, it works! 

  • Dawn to the Rescue 26 of 31

    It's all those surfactants in Dawn dish detergent.

  • Old Meets New 27 of 31

    Have a tailor replace the lining with a bright color or funky pattern. It'll feel like a new coat — no matter how vintage.

  • Battling the Blisters 28 of 31

    Just make sure you're wearing socks!

  • So Shiny 29 of 31
    tip28 claims this won't cause any permanent damage, but maybe try this one out on your less expensive shoes — just in case.

  • So Silky 30 of 31

    A timeless beauty tip.

  • So Fresh and So Clean, Clean 31 of 31

    My husband swears by this, as he has a strong aversion to washing his good denim. Like, ever. Apparently freezing jeans zaps any odor and freshens them up, without the stripping and damaging qualities of the washing machine. 

See all 101 fashion tips from — like how to organize your closet, how to shine your diamonds, and more useful tricks.

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