4 Reasons Why Every Mom Needs Nice Lingerie

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I never knew much about underwear when I was growing up. It was meant to be functional. Comfortable. Must be worn, not shown. When I first heard the word lingerie I thought, “Wow, so exotic and fancy.

Lingerie. Using a French word to describe your underoos put a whole different spin on things.

I had an expensive lingerie habit as a young woman. I discovered matching bras and panties, and silky nightgowns not meant to be slept in, *wink-wink-nudge*. I loved the cute little lacy cheeky shorts and strappy camisoles. Those colorful scraps of satin made me feel pretty, confident, sexy, and sometimes just plain naughty. I had something for all occasions.

And then I became a mom.

My pretty lingerie was gradually replaced with sports bras and cotton granny panties. Some of my lingerie survived the “I’ll never wear that again” purges but that stuff got shoved further back in the dresser drawer as they competed with my everyday duds. Occasionally, my hand would accidentally scoop up a thong while rummaging for briefs to wear under my yoga pants and I would sigh, because that thong reminded me of what I wasn’t anymore.

I wasn’t sexy.

There was still sex. Different sex. On the fly sex. When we had time, when the stars aligned and the kids were glued to a movie.

And then one day, I decided to treat myself. I’m don’t remember exactly what drew me to the store that starts with Victoria and ends with Secret. I don’t know what made me want to buy underwear that didn’t come in a six-count package but that’s exactly what I did.

I bought a light blue bra with a matching panty. Simple. Comfortable. But it was pretty. Feminine. Wearing it made me feel good. Confident. More like a woman, even when hidden underneath my mom clothes. Soon after, I tossed most of my very large collection of shapeless britches and invested in some nice pieces of “everyday lingerie.” It’s surprising to me how something as small as upgrading my undies makes such a big difference, but it does.

Here are four reasons moms need nice lingerie:

1. It’s accessible and affordable

If you have an extra $500 you can buy a really nice bra from La Perla, but for me, that’s about as likely to happen as getting through the day without caffeine. My coffee cup and I are one, so I’m thinking, “No, crazy-expensive bra, you and I aren’t destined to meet up close and personal.” But all is not lost: you can get something very similar at Target that will allow you to have something nice and still pay your bills.

If a store sells clothes, they sell lingerie. You can find whimsical and subtly sexy alongside the basic beige that I’ve decided is just no fun. There’s a sea of pretty and fun things out there for you to discover and much of it is actually comfortable.

Here are a few of my favorites …



Get the look:

1. Lightly lined bra and panty set from Walmart, $12.94

2. Eyelet lace-trimmed nightie from Victoria’s Secret, $24.50

3. Unlined bra from Target, $38 (special buy one, get one 50% off bras)

2. Sexier sex

Sexy underwear makes you feel sexy. When you feel sexy, you seek out more sex. It’s pretty simple. No, good sex isn’t always about the window dressing but taking some time to be deliberate about attracting your partner … well, why not? And, sexy doesn’t mean made of black mesh. What makes you feel sexy is what matters.

3. It makes you feel good about yourself

I don’t know why I get a boost of confidence from a pretty bra worn under my hoodie, but I do. Even on days where the most exciting thing I do is making my grocery list, lingerie just plain makes me feel good about myself.

4. It reminds you that you’re more than just a mom … and moms deserve nice things

As moms, we let our needs and wants take a backseat to our families (or straight up ignore them). Come on … how many times have you chowed down on what was left on your kid’s plate, standing in the kitchen, trying to multi-task doing 17 other things?

I know I should take more time for myself but life is busy. Wearing nice lingerie is one small, simple way I pamper myself. It’s a reminder that I’m a woman and not just a mom.

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