4 Tips for Hiding a Baby Bump Until You’re Ready to Announce Your Pregnancy

Thanks to some crazy stuff at the beginning of my pregnancy, I started showing rather early but, due to complications, wasn’t ready to talk about it. Plus this is my third rodeo … my body knows what to do by now and started blumping (bloating + bumping) out really early. This left me in the rather awkward position of trying to dress an obviously pregnant body that I was not at all ready to show the world.

Most women like to keep a pregnancy to themselves for at least a little while. Hiding a baby bump isn’t too difficult in the winter when bulky sweaters and layering make it easy to camouflage your midsection. Warmer weather, however, is a different story! Here are four tips I made good use of for the first few months of this pregnancy until we were comfortable sharing the news about our little girl.

1. Embrace Mirrored Prints

Embrace Mirrored Prints

A mirrored print on top or bottom is very visually slimming. Plus, this top came with back ties that nip it in right below my bust, which is currently the thinnest part of my body. It’s actually a maternity top that I found at Macy’s (you can also find it at Motherhood Maternity — on sale!) but I wore it for weeks before anyone started looking at my midsection with a raised eyebrow. Paired with cutoffs, sandals, and a hat (no chloasma for me, please) it has become one of my favorite pieces for summer.

2. Distract the Eye with Prints and Patterns

Distract the Eye with Prints

I tend to favor looser or oversized tops anyway so I had some pieces in my closet to work with. Busy and distracting prints keep the eye more focused on the pattern and less focused on the shape under the pattern. This shirt was in regular rotation before pregnancy and, even now that I’m well into my second trimester, people still ask, “Wait, I thought you were pregnant?” Paired with leggings it keeps me super comfortable, even when the nausea comes back to haunt me.

3. Black Is Slimming (So Are Other Dark Colors)

Black is Slimming

A dark color on top and an eye-catching print elsewhere (like in a skirt, pants, shoes, or scarf) can help to camouflage your growing belly (mine’s a bit more obvious now but it did the trick through the first trimester and into the second!). Black, navy, plum, and forest green all work well!

4. Accessorize!


I’ve already written about how scarves are THE best accessory for spring and summer … especially if you’re hiding a baby bump (like I was in that post)! A casually draped scarf or a loose vest are great for providing a little extra protection from inquisitive eyes before you’re ready to share your news.

Obviously, stay away from fitted tees — unless you want them to make your announcement for you!

Fitted Tee

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