5 Maternity Style Don’ts

A few weeks ago I showed you 10 different ways to dress your bump while wearing all the clothes you normally would. On my journey to finding clothes that still worked in my wardrobe I came across quite a few things that definitely did not! Here are five maternity style don’ts you should always avoid!

  • Shapeless blouse – Side 1 of 9
    shapeless blouse side

    While this style of blouse can be comfortable during pregnancy, it gives you no waist definition and makes you look larger everywhere, which is not ideal when you're already feeling big and blah. Not cute! 

  • Shapeless blouse 2 of 9
    shapeless blouse

    The front view isn't as bad, but the blouse is still very unflattering since it has no waist definition. 

  • Shirt is too short 3 of 9
    shirt too short

    Your favorite t-shirts may technically still fit, but that doesn't always mean you should wear them. Most of them are now too short and the elastic on the maternity jeans are in full view (or even worse, your under belly).


  • Shirt is too short – front 4 of 9
    shirt is too short front

    The front view reveals the not-so-cute maternity jeans band. A solution to this problem is wearing a long camisole underneath any shirts that have now become too short! 

  • Too tight pants 5 of 9
    too tight pants

    Along with your growing belly, you may be growing some extra love handles (I know I am!) and wearing pants that are too tight dramatically accentuate this. Sometimes, even your undies can can cause this extra bulge. Stick with pants/underwear that don't cut in at all and your curves will be smooth! 

  • Dress is too short – front 6 of 9
    dress is too short

    Yikes! This is one I see the most often! Dresses that used to fit normally are now far too short in front. You're one gust of wind away from your most embarrassing moment! 

  • Dress is too short – side 7 of 9
    dress is too short side

    The side shot reveals that the front is much shorter than the back. If you have a dress that you just can't give up yet, throw on a pair of leggings and you're good to go! 

  • Shapeless dress – front 8 of 9
    shapeless dress front

    This front view on this shapeless dress makes me look like I'm the same width from my shoulders to my thighs. Where's my waist?! 

  • Shapeless dress – side 9 of 9
    shapeless dress side

    Yikes! The side view of the shapeless dress makes me look as big as a house. Although it is indeed a very pretty dress, it isn't the most flattering on your growing midsection and is best kept in your closet or belted at the waist to accentuate your shape better. 

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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