5 Pieces of Jewelry Every Woman Should Own

We’ve covered the basic items every woman should have in her wardrobe, but what about in her jewelry collection? Most women consider jewelry to be a must-have fashion accessory, but what are the essential pieces that every woman should own?

The stylists over at WhoWhatWear.com have rounded up their top picks, and here are 5 of my favorite essentials from their list:

  • Must-Have Jewelry 1 of 25

    According to stylists Emily Current and Meritt Elliott, every woman should own these pieces of jewelry...


  • Jewelry Must-Have #1 2 of 25

    The stylists suggest that a menswear-inspired watch is "the perfect way to ground your girly jewelry." 

    Take a look at some of our top picks...

  • Nixon Kensington Crystal Bracelet Watch 3 of 25

    This is my current favorite menswear-inspired watch because it's the perfect blend of masculine and feminine style. And it comes in both gold and rose gold.

    Buy from Nordstrom, $175

  • Michael Kors – Blake Bracelet Watch 4 of 25

    Although this one is absolutely stunning. I especially love the Emerald face (which is the color of 2013). 

    Buy from Nordstrom, $225

  • Nixon The Identity 5 of 25

    If you're not into the metallic watch look, Emily and Meritt suggest this Nixon with a leather strap.

    Buy from Nixon, $150

  • Kate Spade Metro 6 of 25

    And if you prefer feminine more than masculine, Kate Spade has a beautiful collection of oversized watches.

    Buy from Nordstrom, $195

  • Jewelry Must-Have #2 7 of 25

    Look for a simple, thin hoop that's bigger than a silver dollar.

  • Thin Gold Hoop Earrings 8 of 25

    You can find some really interesting and affordable handmade hoop earrings on Etsy.com.

    Buy from Etsy, $12

  • Large Squiggle Hoops 9 of 25

    ...and at places like Forever 21, too. These are less than THREE DOLLARS!

    Buy from Forever 21, $2.80

  • Arc Large Hoops 10 of 25

    Or, of course, you can find better quality earrings — like this gorgeous pair of gold hoops.

    Buy from Gorjana & Griffin, $60

  • Pentagon Hoop 11 of 25

    Shake it up with a funky pair of delicate pentagon hoops.

    Buy from Forever 21, $4.80

  • Jewelry Must-Have #3 12 of 25

    Classic, simple, and always elegant.

  • Faux Diamonds: Glisten 13 of 25

    Whether you go with cubic zirconia...

    Buy from Lola James Jewelry, $45

  • Lauren Joy Diamond Studs 14 of 25

     Or real diamonds — like these, embedded in 14K Rose Gold.

    Buy from Dana Rebecca, $440

  • Jewelry Must-Have #4 15 of 25

    We all know women love statement necklaces, but these stylists specifically suggest a turquoise necklace — able to transform any outfit into something more interesting. 

  • Kasbah Turquoise Large Statement Necklace 16 of 25

    Emily and Merritt recommend at least one chunky turquoise necklace, like this large statement piece.

    Buy from Ben Amun, $885

  • Faux Turquoise Spike Statement Necklace 17 of 25

    Here's another head-turning, outfit-transforming turquoise necklace.

    Buy from Nordstrom, $18

  • Turquoise Bubble Necklace 18 of 25

    If you prefer the classic bubble-necklace look, this handmade turquoise necklace is way affordable.

    Buy from Etsy.com, $12.50

  • Turquoise Stone Pendant 19 of 25

    A little less of a statement piece, but still just as interesting.

    Buy from Etsy.com, $22

  • Jewelry Must-Have #5 20 of 25

    According to the stylists, "A vintage-inspired locket can provide character and interest to almost any outfit."

    And the options are endless...

  • Gold Medallion Locket Pendant 21 of 25

    You can buy a brand new locket that just looks vintage — like this Grecian-inspired locket made from 14K gold-plated palladium...

    Buy from House of Harlow, $79

  • Personalized Handmade Necklace 22 of 25

    ...or an interesting handmade locket...

    Buy from Etsy.com, $44

  • Antique Locket with Engraved Monogram 23 of 25

    ...or an actual vintage locket.

    Buy from Etsy.com, $135

  • Globe Locket 24 of 25

    Lockets are certainly some of the most unique conversation-starter pieces of jewelry, like this gorgeous handmade globe locket.

    Buy from Etsy.com, $28

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    See all 10 pieces of jewelry that every woman should own, over at WhoWhatWear.com.

Check out the full Top 10 Pieces of Jewelry Every Woman Should Own.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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