5 Quick Ways to Jazz Up Your Jeans

At the end of last year my husband’s grandmother passed at the age of 97. A couple weeks ago, we were reminiscing about how she despised jeans! When she was growing up denim was usually associated with dirty farm work and country bumpkins so she didn’t want anything to do with jeans! One of her daughters had a denim upholstered couch as an adult and Grandma Lucile refused to sit on it, much to the amusement of her progeny.

What a difference a couple generations can make!

Now, denim is the backbone of the American wardrobe. We all own at least a couple pairs of jeans and most of us wear them quite frequently. I think that making your jeans look awesome is the holy grail of mama style. It’s easy to get lazy when it comes to jeans– throw on a tee and flip flops and call it good– but you can do better!

Here are some easy ways you can elevate your daily denim-


  • Kick It Up a Notch! 1 of 6
    Jazz Up Your Jeans

    Click through to see how I keep out of the jeans-and-tee rut!

  • 1. Try Denim with Denim 2 of 6
    Denim on Demin

    I'll be honest, the first time I ever tried denim on denim was for this picture right here. I've been weirdly nervous to give it a go until now! But, sure enough, I like it. It's a great casual look, especially with gold accessories, a messy pony, and some comfy moccs.

  • 2. Throw On a Blazer 3 of 6
    Blazer and Cuff

    I LOVE the look of a blazer over jeans and a tee. Cuff your jeans to show off bright sneaks. You'll look polished and cool but still comfy enough for running errands.

  • 3. "Borrow" From Your Spouse 4 of 6
    Steal His Clothes

    Depending on your husband, wearing his clothes is either super sexy or super annoying. My husband, unfortunately, falls into the latter category. It doesn't stop me though! A loose men's top over super skinny jeans and boots is my idea of comfy-chic.

  • 4. Tuck It In & Add Heels 5 of 6
    Tuck it in

    I'll be honest- I am not a shirt-tucker. I'm a middle figure, which means I like to HIDE my mid-section, not highlight it with a tucked-in shirt! However, with wide-leg jeans to balance out my full middle and high-heels to lengthen my legs, I can be brave and do the tuck!

  • 5. Add a Vest & Booties 6 of 6
    Vest and Heels

    I wear vests a LOT. They're my favorite way to elevate any outfit. Throw a tuxedo-inspired one on over an oversized, slouchy tee, add some awesome booties (a fall must-have!) and you're ready for date night.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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