Hey, Moms: Here’s Your Annual Reminder to Rock That Swimsuit with Pride

A mom in a one-piece crouches down to hold her baby up, as they're standing on the beach.
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‘Tis the season … to want to hide inside, crank up the AC, and binge-watch Netflix all day! But, if you’ve birthed a human in the past 12 years, chances are you’ll be required to put down the remote, don some sort of one-piece nylon swimsuit, and hit the pool about a bajillion times this summer. If the thought of that leaves you with a twinge of anxiety, you’re definitely not alone. But if it also brings on some self-loathing over your postpartum bod, I’m gonna go ahead and stop you right there, because you are glorious and beautiful — you just may not know it yet.

Reminder: Being in the sun, sand, and water (if it’s not too cold) is fun! Or at least it used to be. Much of that fun has been sucked away by impossibly perfect Instagram posts, photoshopped swimsuit ads, and the many (many) headlines that tell us we better be working on our summer bodies. (Whatever that means.)

But I’m done with feeding into all of that. You hear me? D-O-N-E.

Let’s reclaim the right to have fun in the sun — sans the muumuu — and feel free to strap on that nylon swimsuit without fear or shame. (Yes, even if the scale hasn’t moved since December and our treadmill has dust on it.)

Here five perfectly good reasons why we should ALL rock that swimsuit this summer.

1. No one is judging us. (They’re too focused on judging themselves.)

No, really. Everyone else is so obsessed with how they look in their own skin that they’re only going to eye us if they’re envious. And they should be — we’re hot. We don’t need to be a size “tiny” to garner those looks, either — it’s all about that confidence. The size on our bathing suit tag doesn’t state whether or not we look amazing, it’s how we feel inside that exudes the hotness.

2. Being body-positive is excellent example to set for our kids.

Not only do our daughters benefit from viewing us confidently inhabiting our own skin, but our sons do, as well. A daughter raised by a mom who doesn’t feel ashamed to expose her perceived “flaws” in the name of fun will be instilled with that same confidence for her own body. Likewise, a son raised by that bodacious mama will learn to honor the honest female body and not hold his future wife to the unreasonably tiny female standards he’s exposed to from the media — and remind him that women who don’t eat are cranky.

3. We don’t have to prance around in a tiny bikini — it can be a good ol’ fashioned one-piece that makes us feel good.

No one said we had to wear the itsy-bitsy-teeny-weenie-polka-dot bikini. If we find a killer one-piece that we adore, let’s wear it! If we feel freer with a little sarong tied around the waist, let’s rock it! As long as we’re out livin’ it up and more focused on having fun than what we look like, we’re there.

4. Get that Vitamin D, yo.

Sun is good for us! (In small direct doses with a healthy heaping of sunscreen in between, of course.) Many of us are Vitamin D deficient, which means heading outdoors on gorgeous days is all the more important. So let’s step out in those glorious rays on warm, sunny days — you’ll be surprised just how much it can lift your mood.

5. Who doesn’t love a good summer tan?

Vitamin D doesn’t only make us happy, it makes us look kissed by Mother Nature, who wears a lovely shade of bronze lip-gloss. Even with a heaping dose of sunscreen applied, we’ll likely receive a subtle yet smoothing tan by the end of the day. Lobsters aren’t sexy, but we are!

There’s no time like the present to start unconditionally living your life. There will always be aspects of ourselves that we might prefer were longer, thinner, tighter, fuller, bouncier, less bouncy, or just plain different. And the truth is, we may never stop caring about those aspects of ourselves. But when we decide to get out there and live in spite of them, an interesting thing happens — we stop living from the outside, and begin living from the inside, which always makes us look our most beautiful, anyway.

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