5 Things Moms Should Never Wear (and Easy Alternatives)

A lot of things happen once you’ve become a mother. Some changes are great, like the amount of love you feel for your little one, and some things are not as great, like your fashion choices. You can blame it on lack of sleep, the rearranging of priorities, or your changing body, but it’s hard to feel good about yourself if you’re not taking care of yourself. This doesn’t mean you have to keep up on every trend on the pages of your favorite fashion magazines, but you do have to put in a little effort. We’ve put together the most common mom faux pas — 5 things moms should never wear — and a few easy alternatives to make your life comfortable, but still stylish.

Being a mom myself, I understand the need for easy fixes that can be thrown together as quickly as possible. But a lot of the time, those choices equal frumpy and unstylish. Take a good hard look in your closet and what you’re been reaching for. Clean out the old pieces that aren’t helping you out, and look for a few new pieces that can be your go-to items. Click through the slides below to identify any areas you might be slipping into bad mommy style, and remember, this list wasn’t created to make you feel bad about what you’re wearing, but to help you find things that can work even better.

  • Fashion Faux Pas: Capri Pants 1 of 10

    Capri pants can be really tricky. If they don't hit you in the perfect spot, they can visually cut your legs off and make you look stumpy. They are also bad for anyone with thicker legs and ankles. When searching for a pair of capri pants to shoot, I started at The Gap, and even they scoffed and stated that they haven't had capri pants for years. My best advice is to avoid these pants altogether. They're not your friend.

  • Mom-Friendly Alternative: Cropped Pants 2 of 10

    Cropped pants are a great length to elongate, and show off the smallest part of said legs. They also didn't have their glory days in the '90s, like the capri. They are current, cute, and worth wearing.

    Purchase these cropped pants from Gap for $49.95.

    Purchase this shirt from Frances Vintage. 

    Purchase these shoes at J.Crew for $125. 

  • Fashion Faux Pas: Leggings 3 of 10

    These are my favorite workout pants. They hold everything in, they're a great color, I've washed them a hundred times and they still look brand new ... but these aren't pants. They're leggings. No one wants to see the exact shape of your body, well, some people might, but that is still a con in my book. Wearing a dress over them is better but, still not my favorite look. Unless you're going to the gym, these are a mommy no-no.

    Purchase these leggings from Albion Fit for $78.

  • Mom-Friendly Alternative: Dresses 4 of 10

    I know those leggings are comfortable, and you think they're easy to wear, but what's easier? One solid item of clothing that can be your whole outfit — a dress! Picking one that stretches and has soft fabric is a great idea. It will even save you time trying to find a shirt to go with it. 

    Purchase this dress at Lula Roe for $42.

    Purchase this bag for $299 from Nena & Co.

    Purchase these shoes for $99 from Lulu*s.

  • Fashion Faux Pas: Sweats 5 of 10

    This picture says everything.

  • Mom-Friendly Alternative: Half Sporty Outfit 6 of 10

    Adding sporty touches is on-trend, but you have to balance the look with something that resembles actual clothes. Black skinnies are slimming and add sophistication to the ensemble. 

    Purchase this similar shirt at Nordstrom for $58.

    Purchase these black skinnies at Nordstrom for $138. 

    Purchase these shoes at ShoeDazzle for $35.

  • Fashion Faux Pas: Workout Shoes 7 of 10

    There are a lot of cute sports shoes in the marketplace right now, but if you are asking yourself if your workout shoes are cute enough to wear outside the gym, the answer is probably no.

    Purchase these shoes for working out only at Nordstrom for $79.95.

  • Mom-Friendly Alternative: Stylish Flats 8 of 10

    Although you can't run a marathon in these shoes, stylish flats can be just as comfy. Find a good pair that has support and grip, and you'll be able to wear them all day and still look put together.

    Purchase these shoes from ShoeDazzle for $45.

  • Fashion Faux Pas: A Shirt Shaped Like a Tent 9 of 10

    Shirts that make you feel like a tent probably make you look like a tent. Blouses or T-shirts that are too baggy won't do you any favors. Make sure you highlight your best features, don't hide them. 

    Purchase this gold pom pom from Bando for $15. 

  • Mom-Friendly Alternative: A Blouse That Shows Your Waist 10 of 10

    If you have a small waist, make sure your shirt cinches there. If your arms are thin, make sure the arms of your shirt are fitted. Focus on the good and skim over any features that aren't your favorite. 

    Purchase a shirt similar to this one at Saks Fifth Avenue for $265. 

Photos courtesy of LizEStudio.com.

I honestly hope this article helps you be more stylish and confident as you choose what to wear. I know when I’m feeling confident and put together, it allows me to be the best mom I can be.

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