5 Things to Remember When Dressing for Disneyland


Going to Disneyland can be one of the most memorable and special days of your life. Main Street is no fashion runway, but everyone wants to look and feel their best. When planning what your family will wear, there’s a lot to think about, and if you’ve never been, there might be a few things you’ve never even thought about. We’ve put together a few tips to help lock in the perfect looks. Follow these guidelines while dressing for Disneyland and you’re sure to be on your way to the perfect fairy tale ending.

1. Dress for Comfort



1. Purchase these sweatpants at Anthropologie, $29.95 / 2. Purchase this tee at Indie Nook, $22 / 3. Purchase this jumper at Boden, $27.70 / 4. Purchase this sweatshirt at H&M, $24.95

You could potentially be in the same outfit from 8 AM until midnight, so when narrowing down your choices, skip anything that’s itchy, stiff, or uncomfortable. If you’re planning on riding any of the water rides, it’s also important to think about how fast your fabrics will dry, or not dry, for that matter. Walking around in wet jeans for the rest of the day isn’t fun. Layers are great to be able to take off in the noon day sun and put on as the sun goes down.


2. You Could Easily Walk 6 Miles — Wear Shoes That Allow for That



1. Purchase these Converse at DSW, $44.95 / 2. Purchase these Toms at Nordstrom, $33.95 /3. Purchase these Birkenstocks at Zappos, $89.99 / 4. Purchase these Nikes at Nordstrom, $90 

Shoes could be a part of the “comfort” tip, but they’re so important I wanted to give them their own section. From the front gates to the tea cups, between Pirates of the Caribbean and Toon Town, and then searching for the little beignet window, you could easily walk six miles. To save your feet from blisters and pain, make sure you’re smart about your selection. This should go without saying, but it can be tempting to wear a new pair of shoes. DON’T DO IT. (Unless you get them several weeks before and test them out for long periods of time.) Thank goodness for the recent sneaker trend! You can wear a cute pair of Nikes and still look stylish. Another shoe trend you can take advantage of is Birkenstocks. Both will go great with your outfit and have support that will be good for your sole, pun intended. Same rules go for the kiddos. Although ballet flats and sandals can be cute, if they don’t have good support, skip them.


3. Don’t Forget “Survival” Accessories



1. Purchase this scarf at Anthropologie, $58 / 2. Purchase this hat from Old Navy, $9 / 3. Purchase this bag at Banana Republic, $120 / 4. Purchase this shirt from Banana Republic, $59

With the variety of temperatures to think about and outside elements that could come into play, finding items with dual purposes is a must. Let’s start with the sun. Mineral block is great, but wearing loose-fitting, breathable fabrics will cut back on the chances of getting sunburn. Who can remember to slather up on sunscreen while chasing Mickey down for a picture?! Hats are great too, as long as they are fitted well to your head. And that goes double for putting hats on your little ones; rides won’t stop if your hat goes a’flying. A scarf, like the sweatshirt in the first set of looks, is a great multi-use item. By day it’s a sassy accessory shading your neck; by night it’s a blanket for your little one that’s now fast asleep in the stroller. For a bag, choose a medium sized purse with an arm strap. If the bag’s too big, your neck and arms will kill by the middle of the day, but too small and you can’t fit all your other survival needs: snacks, water, camera, lipgloss, etc…


4. Choose Styles That Will Stand the Test of Time



1. Purchase this dress at Madewell, $155 / 2. Purchase this tee at Boden, $36.80 / 3. Purchase this dress at Old Navy, $16.94 / 4. Purchase this tee at J. Crew, $45

Will you like what you chose when you look back at the iconic pictures for decades to come? Will your kids’ kids point and laugh at the fashion that you’re wearing? It sounds silly now, but trust me, you’ll be writing me thank you cards in 20 years. There’s something iconic and timeless about Disneyland, and those pictures will be prized possessions. You’ll want to hold them dear, and you won’t want your unflattering or embarrassingly trendy outfit to stop you from framing them. Pick classic patterns and cuts that you know are flattering to you and your family.


5. Add Some Disney Flair



1. Purchase this shirt at The Disney Store, $16.95 / 2. Purchase this hat at The Disney Store, $13.95 / 3. Purchase this shirt at Old Navy, $10 / 4. Purchase these shoes at Hot Topic, $17.15 / 5. Purchase this skirt at ModCloth, $49.99 / 6. Purchase this dress at The Disney Store, $29.95

Your dad’s vintage Mickey shirt or your Minnie ears — these are the things that were made for wearing to Disneyland. If you want to dress even more dramatically inspired by your favorite character, here’s the place to do it. In that case, skip step 4 and just go for it. At Disneyland, you’ll be around people who will appreciate your charming mouse details or your fancy princess flair. Wearing special clothes seems to make the experience that much more enchanting. There are even non-park affiliated special dress up days, like: Star Wars Weekend, Talk Like A Pirate Day, True Love Week, and Dapper Day! A little online research will surely help you find some like-minded people to Disney with.

When it comes to having the perfect Disney experience, it starts with planning, and ends with making the decision to enjoy every moment. Things are sure to happen or come up, but try to roll with the punches. Even if it rains on your parade, literally, remember that your sentiment and perspective are part of the magic. And here’s to never growing up.

Top image credit: Summer Bellessa via Instagram

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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