5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying New Clothes

A few years ago, I really had no idea what my style was, what kinds of pieces looked good on me, or basically how to shop at all. Because of that, my closet was filled with things that I didn’t love, didn’t fit me, or didn’t work with the rest of my closet. I’ve come a long way since then, and it’s mostly because I’ve learned to ask myself a few questions before I make a purchase.

So the next time you’re shopping, before you buy something, ask yourself these five questions. They’ll help you avoid a closet full of mistakes!

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    This may seem obvious, but this is so important. Don't buy something that doesn't fit! Don't buy something in the smaller size, hoping you'll fit into it someday. It's a waste of money if it just sits in your closet, and if it's the wrong size, it will just sit in your closet. While you're in the dressing room, sit down, walk around, turn around, raise your arms, bend over...make sure you don't have any surprises the first time you wear it!

  • Does It Work With the Rest of My Closet? 3 of 6

    Although I occasionally like to make a purchase that is a little outside my comfort zone, I still want to make sure the piece is my style and will work with the rest of my closet before I buy it.

    As soon as I pick up an item, I try to think of two or three pieces in my closet that I could pair it with. Even if it's a piece you wouldn't normally pick up, make sure it will work with at least a few pieces you already own. 

  • Will I Wear It? 4 of 6

    Be realistic with yourself. Can you see yourself wearing it out to dinner? To run errands? To a fancy event (or wherever is appropriate)? If you don't feel 100% comfortable wearing it in the dressing room, chances are you won't wear it once you get it home. 

  • Is It Remixable? 5 of 6
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    Versatility in an item is important for me, and for a working closet. Can the item be dressed up? Dressed down? Layered?  Think twice before you buy something that can only be worn in one way (although if you are creative, you can usually find at least two ways to wear any item). 

  • Do I Love It? 6 of 6
    do I love it

    Finish off with the most important question of all. Do you really love it? Don't buy anything you don't love!


    If you ask yourself these 5 questions before each purchase, you'll save yourself a lot of money, hassle on returns, or a closet full of unwanted and unworn clothes!

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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