5 Ways to Add Some Edge to Your Wardrobe

I am the least edgy person around (honestly) but that doesn’t stop me from buying every spiked, studded, and zippered thing I can get my grubby little hands on. I have an inner badass just dying to come out (as long as there aren’t motorcycles involved. Too scary).

I love a mom outfit with a bit of edge. We can be soft and nurturing but still rock a spiked shoulder when the occasion calls for it! Here are some easy (and affordable!) ways to add a little edginess to your wardrobe.

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    5 Ways to Add Edge to Your Wardrobe

    Click through for some easy (and budget friendly!) ways to add a little edge to your wardrobe.

  • Studded Flats 2 of 21
    Studded Flats

    These spike-toed flats from Sam Edelman were a lucky find at Last Chance. They get a TON of wear. My little boys love them (they call them my "poke-y shoes").

  • F21 Spiked Toe Flats 3 of 21
    F21 Spike Toe Flats

    My Sam Edelman flats retailed at well over $100 but you can get the look for way cheaper at Forever 21!

    Forever 21, $24.80

  • F21 Stud Queen Flats 4 of 21
    F21 Stud Queen Flats

    If spikes seem a little dangerous to you (not gonna lie, I've gotten myself a couple times) then try this toned-down version. I love the lady-like pink!

    Forever 21, $24.80

  • F21 Studded Loafers 5 of 21
    F21 Studded Loafers

    If loafers are more your speed, check out this lovely pair!

    Forever 21, $26.80

  • Leather Pants 6 of 21
    Leather Pants

    Yes, YOU can wear leather pants! Plus, there's a bonus no one ever tells you about: they wipe clean. It's amazing!

  • UO Vegan Leather Pants 7 of 21
    UO Vegan Leather Pants

    I love the details on this cropped pair.

    Urban Outfitters, $39.99 (on sale)

  • Mirror Spliced Leggings 8 of 21
    Mirror Spliced Leggings

    If full leather pants are a little much for you, how about this super cool spliced pair of leggings? I love them with those boots!

    OASAP, $22

  • Constrast Panel Leather 9 of 21
    Contrast Panel Leather

    Leather pants aren't exactly known for their comfort. Get the look of leather with the comfort of stretchy pants with this pair!

    OASAP, $51

  • Leather Vest 10 of 21
    Leather Vest

    A leather vest adds a little extra warmth when it's cool outside and a little extra coolness when you need it!

  • Cropped Moto Vest 11 of 21
    Cropped Moto Vest

    Try to look past the horrific styling here (really, Charlotte Russe? A sleeveless turtle-neck crop-top?) and try to imagine this over a loose tee and skinny jeans or, even better, a white dress and booties. Awesome, right?

    Charlotte Russe, $32.99

  • White Epaulette Vest 12 of 21
    White Moto Vest

    I saw this in the store this week and almost bought it. It looks amazing over skinny jeans and boots!

    Forever 21, $29.80

  • Quilted Vest with Leather Yoke 13 of 21
    Leather Yoke Vest

    I'd steal this from the men's section in a heartbeat.

    ASOS, $67.50

  • Studded Top 14 of 21
    Studded Top

    It's like jewelry for your shirt!

  • Spiked Shoulder Top 15 of 21
    Spiked Shoulder Top

    I love this top! The loose silhouette is kind to my middle figure and the spikes add the little bit of edginess that I crave!

    Forever 21, $15.80

  • DIY Faux Studs 16 of 21
    DIY Studs

    Add a little DIY edge to anything! Bonus: these spikes won't poke your little ones when they snuggle up!

    Tutorial from Freckles in April

  • Studded Pocket Tank 17 of 21
    Studded Pocket Tank

    A studded pocket adds a little extra fun to a basic tank.

    Charlotte Russe, $8.99 (on sale)

  • Studded Cuff 18 of 21
    Studded Cuff

    A thick, studded cuff is the easiest possible way to add edge to an outfit.

  • Spike and Stud Lace Up Cuff 19 of 21
    Spike and Stud Lace Up Cuff

    Perfect with skinny jeans and a tee.

    OASAP, $24

  • Mini Studded Leather Cuff 20 of 21
    Red Studded Cuff

    Mini studs! And real leather! Gotta love Etsy.

    Etsy, $14

  • Bar Studs 21 of 21
    Bar Studs

    I love the color variety offered by this shop! Lots of great bracelet options.

    Etsy, $12.99

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