5 Unexpected Ways to Layer Your Outerwear for Fall

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I think the key to making getting dressed fun and being happy when you open your closet is to play with your clothes. One of the things I like trying the most is different clothing combinations — ones that you wouldn’t expect and that give regular pieces in my closet a whole new look.

In the fall and winter, this is especially fun because you can actually layer things without dying of heat stroke. Below I’ve paired a few of my favorite outwear pieces together in unexpected combinations that are both interesting and chic. Ready to get inspired?!

1. Denim Jacket and Utility Vest

Pairing two very neutral pieces of outerwear like this is so easy, not overly bulky, and takes a casual look up a notch. To make the pairing look purposeful, make sure there is contrast between your two pieces. If your vest is lighter in color, go for a darker wash denim jacket.



2. Layered Chambray and Denim

I love the chambray and blue jeans combination that’s been popular for the last few years, but just recently I saw someone wearing a chambray shirt and denim jacket combo and I instantly loved it. It’s unexpected and adds an interesting layer. Try to keep your denim choices similar shades so they look purposeful together, and then wear them with a patterned dress or skirt.



3. Sweatshirt and Leather Jacket

Tying your shirt around your waist — so ’90s, right? Not anymore. This look is so fun and modern as long as you do it right. I paired a basic gray sweatshirt and a striped shift dress, and then added a leather jacket for an edgy, modern element. The combination is unique and interesting, but not over the top.



4. Fur Vest and Leather Jacket

Fur is so fun for fall and winter and can make a great layering piece. Since a full fur vest is a little “muppet” for me, I decided to layer it with a leather jacket to add some edgy contrast and have only a little touch of fur show.



5. Utility Jacket and Denim Jacket

Similar to my first look, these neutral pieces pair really well together. This is another good option when you want something a little warmer. A utility jacket is a wardrobe staple during the cooler months and pairs perfectly with a denim jacket. Make it look purposeful and chic by popping both collars up on top of each other.



What outerwear pieces do you plan on pairing during these next few months??

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