5 Ways to Remind Yourself You Still Have It

A few weeks ago, my husband and I dressed up to go to a wedding. I had to make the time to get ready, which was a change from the last five days. I had spent every non-mom minute the past week huddled over the computer finishing a bunch of deadlines. I had barely gotten out of my pajamas or brushed my hair or teeth. Who has time to floss every day when it takes 45 minutes to wrangle and brush your two toddlers’ own teeth? But regardless of how disheveled I had looked those other nights of the week, the night of the wedding I felt put-together, confident, and refreshed as I walked down the stairs. I made a mental note that it’s good to remind yourself you still have it from time to time.

Below are five items you probably already have in your closet that help me feel sexy and beautiful. Hopefully these simple things can help remind you that you still have it, too.

1. The Little Black Dress

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 3.26.36 PM

The LBD is simple and powerful. It’s slimming, which I appreciate, but because there are no bells and whistles, it also features more of you. In other words, it draws attention to your face and curves instead of focusing on the tulle of a skirt or a busy pattern. While those other trends are a lot of fun and might be perfect for other occasions, when reminding yourself you still have it, you need to remember it’s about you. You’re stunning; let that shine through.

2. Quality Underthings

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Every day your underthings fade and wear. Gradually they start to look old and dingy. Because of this slow process, it’s hard to know when it’s time to change them out. The other day, my bra gave up entirely and ribbed right at the seam. I was forced to go grab a new bra, and that’s when I realized how trashed they all were. Even if no one gets to see them, having a nice bra and matching underwear makes you feel like a real woman. Take inventory of your underthings, and make a purchase if need be. The next step would be throwing out anything that shouldn’t see the light of day, but I’ll save more on that for another article.

3. (See #2.)

4. High Heels

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Marilyn Monroe gushed, “I don’t know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot.” She knew how flattering they are, and I agree. Even though I don’t wear them daily — or even weekly — since becoming a mom, I still see the difference in my confidence when I dust them off and throw ‘em on. They don’t just give you a lift, but they also make your calves look thinner and amp up that femininity in an easy way. All hail the heel.

5. Statement Jewelry

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A statement necklace or statement earrings help bring a focal point to your face. Since your eyes are the window to the soul, there’s nothing like drawing people to them. If you’re not a big-jewelry-kind-of-gal, you could also opt for a bold lipstick color. Pull out that red or pink lipstick and it can do the trick, too.

Since no two women are the same, these might not be the things that get you feeling beautiful, but I hope they inspire you to find what works for you. Because I know you still have it. You just need some reminding.

Photos courtesy of Summer Bellessa via Instagram

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