5 Ways to Wear a Jumper Dress

Pinafore dresses are totally in this fall, but I’m still sporting the vintage ’90s Limited jumper I found at the thrift store. I know, I know… I’m still getting used to ’90s clothes actually being called vintage too! But vintage or not, jumper and pinafores can be difficult to style, because you can’t simply wander around with your bra hanging out. I mean, I guess you could, but that’s definitely not my style. You kind of need to put something under jumper dresses and pinafores, which can be challenging, but also is exactly why wearing them is so much fun! They’re great wardrobe investments, because they’re so easy to mix and match with your entire wardrobe, giving you a variety of styles revolving around just one dress. Fun! Now let’s take a look at my 5 favorite ways to style my vintage jumper dress.

  • ’90s Art Student 1 of 5
    5 ways to wear a jumper

    The more you layer, the more '90s you're bound to look. But that's okay! All I need to complete this outfit is a big art portfolio and a book bag. Then I'll be transported to my art school days.

    This outfit utilizes a black bodysuit under the jumper, black knee-high boots, a denim vest, and a red beret for a pop of color.

  • Simple and Summery 2 of 5
    5 ways to wear a jumper

    When it's warm outside, there's no need for layering, but for modesty's sake, I layered with this jumper anyway! Just with a lace blouse so it could still be breezy. To keep this look even more simple, I wore nude peep-toe shoes to elongate my legs and not detract from the overall look.

  • Quirky and Sporty 3 of 5
    5 ways to wear a jumper

    I wanted to put together a more quirky look with this patterned jumper, so I wore it over a graphic tee and paired it with a pair of black high-top Chucks. To give it more of an unexpected element, I added a cardigan style jacket with a little gold brooch. This outfit isn't for everyone, but it's a nice pulled-together way to let everyone know they'd better watch out- an eccentric lady's coming through!

  • Prissy and Professional 4 of 5
    5 ways to wear a jumper

    Ascot blouses are perfect to wear jumper dresses. They're a great vintage element as well, adding a classy touch to any outfit. Worn with black tights or hose and black pumps, this look is perfect for a professional lady, or a gal who just likes to look pulled together with a hint of another era.

  • Vintage Mod 5 of 5
    5 ways to wear a jumper

    I tend to steer towards a more vintage look with my outfit choices, so this outfit is my favorite of all the looks in this slideshow. I found this cropped woven top with a fringe style, and knew I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing it while baring my midriff, so I thought wearing it over a dress would be perfect. This jumper seemed like the best dress for the part! Now I'm looking at crop tops with a different perspective, since I've discovered how great they look worn overtop dresses like this one.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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