5 Winter Trends You Already Have in Your Closet

If you’re running low on funds, which is almost always the case after the holidays, you might want to look into your closet instead of a catalog for your winter style. Heaven knows I don’t want to find myself in a checkout line for as long as possible. So let’s go through those closets and find some winter trends that you already have on hand. You’ll look like a million dollars without spending a buck.

1. Pretty Pastels


Sweater from Boden, $148 / Skirt from Shabby Apple, $88 

Pastels are pretty, and they were all over the runway this season. These light hues are usually saved for springtime, which can help stretch the length that you can wear them. Brooke (and London) pair their spring-like skirts with sweaters to make them wearable even with snow on the ground.

Photo Courtesy of @realBrookeWhite

2. Sparkly Shoes


Shoes from Boden, $99 / Jeans from Madwell, $135

I don’t need an excuse to wear sparkly shoes. I try to get away with wearing them all year long: with jeans, a little black dress, or my pajamas. With the magic of winter and a fresh new year, it’s the perfect time to wear anything sparkly. You can even glitter an old pair of tennies! Check this DIY out!

Photo courtesy of @SummerBellessa

3. Plaid


Shirt, vintage / Similar skirt from Banana Republic, $98

Tartan prints are classic and especially on-trend this year. You can take your casual plaid button-ups and pair them with a skirt to freshen the look up. I found this plaid shirt at a thrift store in the little boy’s section. Always keep your eyes open; you never know when you’ll find a diamond in the rough.

Photo courtesy of @SummerBellessa

4. Winter Florals


Sweater from The Real Real, $175 / Skirt from Boden, $64 / Shoes from ShoeDazzle, $45

Just like pastels, florals are a spring staple that winter is taking over. Find any of your spring or summer patterned pants, skirts, or blouses and start pairing them with sweaters, cords, and tights. Layering a few of your favorite past season items can make something old feel new again.

Photo courtesy of @SummerBellessa

5. Ravishing Red Prints


Dress available from Boden, $148 

Red popped up on red carpets at all the major award shows and events this year. It’s a bold color, and rumor has it, wearing red can even make you look more attractive to men. Go ahead and hunt down those crimson pieces you have hanging up and start mixing and matching them into your daily style. Just be prepared for a little extra attention from your hubby …

Photo courtesy of Liza Boone

It’s a great time of year to clean out your closet, take inventory of what you have, and come up with ideas to wear your old styles in new ways. I always end up finding a few things that I had completely forgotten about. It’s great: you’ll feel like you went shopping without the credit card guilt.

Happy closet hunting!

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