6 Accessories Every Woman Should Own

This month, I’ve been sharing my closet essentials. It’s a new year, so it’s the perfect time to start fresh in your closet and fill it with pieces that work for you. I’ve shared my essential tops, skirts and pants, outerwear, bags, and shoes, so now it’s time for the finishing touches — accessories.

This is my favorite part of putting together an outfit. Anyone can put on a pair of pants and a top, but accessorizing is what makes an outfit unique and fit your style.

There are six basic categories of accessories, and I’m going to cover the essentials for each category. Keep in mind, you don’t have to have one of each of these pieces; these are just the ones that are the most versatile. Choose which ones fit your preference and style!

 1. Necklaces


Every woman needs a few good necklaces in her closet. These are the essentials:

Pendant Necklaces

These are the super long chains with a little stone or pendant that hangs at the bottom. There are varying lengths, but try to find ones that hit right below your bust line or mid-navel. They come in all varieties, but a basic stone like this pretty one from Forever 21 for only $2.90 is one of my favorites. It’s super versatile and will go with anything. They look particularly good with shift dresses or loose, flowy tops and tunics.

Delicate Necklaces

These are those everyday pieces that you can wear with anything and everything. They also come in varying lengths, and I like to have a variety so I can layer them for a simple but interesting look. Gorjana has the most gorgeous delicate jewelry, but I also love this cute little elephant one from Forever 21 for $30. Wear them to dress up a T-shirt or peek out from under a button-up blouse.

Statement Necklaces

Anything big and flashy is considered a statement necklace. They became hugely popular a few years ago, so you can buy them almost anywhere and there are a million different kinds. I like the colorful ones, but my favorites are the less gaudy ones like this bib necklace from BaubleBar for $68. You can wear them with almost anything but be careful when pairing them with busy patterns, since the look can easily become visually overwhelming.

2. Bracelets


Because who doesn’t want a little arm candy?

Stretch Bracelets

I wasn’t much of a bracelet girl until a few years ago when I stopped wearing bangles and started wearing stretch bracelets so they fit nicely around my wrist. Bangles always moved around too much and drove me crazy. Stretch bracelets come in all sizes with different beads and charms and are great when paired on your wrist with a watch. InPink has a bunch of good ones, like this gold chain bracelet for $28.


Every girl should have at least one large cuff. They’re like a statement piece for your wrist! I love this one from Forever 21 for only $5.90! Wear it with a dress for a simple, chic look.

3. Rings


Cocktail Rings

These are big and flashy and are the hand version of a statement necklace. They’re best for special occasions and should be worn by themselves — don’t style them with other rings (at least on that same hand). This one from Macy’s is beautiful and only $13.99!

Delicate Rings

Simple gold bands are classic and beautiful and are great for layering and doubling up. There are also a lot of simple, delicate midi rings that you can wear just over the first knuckle on your finger; they create a really pretty and interesting look when paired with other rings. I have and love these ones from InPink, and they’re only $22 for a pack of three!

4. Earrings


Statement Earrings

For those busy tops that are too wild when paired with a statement necklace, try a pair of statement earrings instead. They have the same effect without competing against the shirt. A pair of crystal statement earrings is also an easy way to instantly dress up an outfit. Also, don’t wear a necklace when you wear statement earrings — even if the necklace is small, they will compete for attention. I love these ones from Bauble Bar, and they’re on sale for $15 right now!

Delicate Earrings

These are an everyday kind of earring and as long as they’re small and simple, they can be paired with any other jewelry. These ones from Bauble Bar are really beautiful and only $22.

5. Hats


In the last few years I’ve become such a hat girl, and I’ve realized how great they can be in accessorizing an outfit. Hats are also very specific in their style, so if you’re trying to put together an outfit in a certain trend (like bohemian, preppy, tomboy, etc.), hats are a super easy way to do it.


These kinds of hats are huge this season and are really fun and easy to wear. They come in a bunch of neutral colors — tan, gray, black, white, etc. — so choose the one that fits your lifestyle and closet the best. A great way to try a trend you’re nervous about is to buy it cheap, like this $17 fedora from Forever 21, and then invest more once you realize what you like.

Baseball Caps

These are a great choice to accessorize a basic jeans and tee look. It makes your casual outfit look intentional and put together (and, as a bonus, covers up dirty hair!). This one from J.Crew Factory is super cute and less than $17!

Floppy Hats

If you want more of a boho look, floppy hats are a great way to achieve that style! This pretty one from Forever 21 is only $19!

6. Watches


Adding a watch to your look adds sophistication and helps you be on time. There are two basic kinds of watches you’ll want — casual and dressy, and those will fit all your needs.

Casual Watches

Choose one with a leather band in a neutral color. Even though the band is leather, you can (and should!) still pair it with metal bracelets. Try this one from JC Penney for $54.95.

Dressy Watches

A basic all-gold or all-silver watch is a great dressy option, although it can still be dressed down when you want. Pair it with a big stack of gold or silver elastic bracelets for some gorgeous arm candy. I wear my gold and silver Michael Kors watches nearly every day (so they’re definitely worth the investment), but this one from Target is similar and way more affordable option.

Remember, you don’t need every single one of these pieces, but they’re basic and versatile enough that they’ll bring your closet and your outfits to the next level. Now go accessorize!

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