6 Cold Weather Sneakers for Parents and Kids

The other day while shopping in Zara for a few winter essentials, I found myself going back and forth between boots and sneakers for River. First we tried on a pair of brown boots, which were super cute but the idea of boots for her didn’t sit well. Then she tried on a pair of sneakers with fur-lined insides and easy laces and comfort you could see. They won this mama over.

Then there was that day on the train; it was about 60 degrees and everyone was already decked out in their finest winter boots. But that one girl in the bright — and, I am sure, comfortable — sneakers decided otherwise. She decided that on that cold New York City day, sneakers would do the trick.

Like most things, these little situations got me a’thinking. I’m sure there are many women, men, and kiddos who would rather wear warm sneakers this winter instead of a boot!

Here are 6 cold weather sneakers for parents and children!

  • The purple warmth for your girl! 1 of 6

    How about a pair of purple and pink high tops for your little girl?

    Get them at Zara, $45.90

  • Red and black for the man in your life 2 of 6

    My husband is kind of obsessed with these black and red winter sneakers he purchased a few years ago, and I think these would be a great supplement. 

    Get them at Urban Outfitters, $110

  • Neutral style warmth 3 of 6

    I am just one of those mamas who loves neutrals as equally as she loves bright and colorful hues. These do not disappoint. 

    Get them at H&M, $24.95

  • Warmth with a pop of orange 4 of 6

    These sneakers for your little one are not only warm, but also combine brights with neutrals — two of my favorites!

    Get them at Zara, $45.90

  • Can I have a side of gray with that warmth? 5 of 6

    I love how clean and not-so-simple gray these sneakers are. The variety in textures with the off-white faux fur blends perfectly. 

    Get them at Urban Outfitters, $180

  • Purple is the new black? 6 of 6

    Well, not necessarily, but when you decide to wear all black, these would look phenomenal!

    Get them at Urban Outfitters, $130.00

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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