6 Pieces I’d Like to Get More Wear Out of This Year

I haven’t made any official style resolutions for 2014 but I have it in the back of my mind that I’d like to be more content with what I’ve currently got in my wardrobe. I have a decently extensive closet, thanks to my inability to stop perusing sale racks, and it houses a number of pieces that I don’t wear very often. I think that it’s ok to have a handful of pieces that you don’t wear all the time but I’d like the rest of my closet to be a little more functional. Here are 6 pieces that I am determined to wear more frequently in 2014.


  • Skirt from Paris 1 of 6

    This skirt has a special place in my heart because it's the only souvenir I bought for myself when I went to Paris last May with my mom and sister. I bought it at a market outside the palace at Versailles and then crammed it into my super small suitcase. However, I find it oddly difficult to wear. I've decided I have to find at least 3 different ways I can wear it this year!

  • Leather Pants 2 of 6

    I pull my leather pants out CONSTANTLY for blog posts to give ideas for how to wear different items. I have a million styling ideas for them! However, I rarely actually wear them out and about. They're awesome but also kind of scary. I hereby swear I will wear them OUTSIDE my house at least 4 times this year.

  • Tuxedo Blouse 3 of 6

    I got this blouse from Shade's going out of business sale. At the time I had a million styling ideas rolling around my brain but, when it arrived, it had some weird things (a collar that feels like it's choking me, odd sleeve embellishments) that made it difficult to wear. A few snips of my scissors and a couple stitches would take care of those things but somehow I've never done it. I resolve to do those things THIS WEEK and get way more wear out of it this year!

  • Tennis Shoes 4 of 6

    I got these Adidas sneaks for $15 at Marshall's two years ago. I love them, love the hue, love the comfort BUT I never wear them. I have no idea why (actually I do: I'm addicted to my moccasins and can't stop wearing them). I'd love to get way more wear out of them this year!

  • Loose Top 5 of 6

    Another clearance find that I struggle to wear. I adore the color but it's rather tent like, which can make me look WIDE sometimes. I know in theory that putting slimmer stuff on bottom makes all the difference but that hasn't made me reach for it very often. I WILL conquer this top in 2014.

  • Leather Jacket 6 of 6

    This jacket is like my baby. Beside my wedding dress it's the most expensive thing in my closet (I got it on Hautelook for like 60% off. Heaven forbid I should ever pay full price for anything). I bought it for myself after I got my first post-kids job a couple years ago and had real disposable income for the first time in ages. It's buttery soft and smells wonderful BUT I'm terrified of ruining it. I need to get over that, though, because it juts sort of sits sad and alone in my closet while I fret over the remote possibility of rain. This year I swear my leather jacket will see the light of day!

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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