6 Stylish Beach Hats for Under $20

When I realized I had TWO beach vacations coming up in May, I immediately put “beach hat” at the very top of my shopping list. I have fair skin and freckles plus a long and illustrious family history of skin cancer. Additionally, I turn 29 this weekend and, as I get older, I become more and more wary of the sun. The time of the wrinkles is almost upon me, you know? I’m becoming one of those responsible sunscreen-and-hat-wearing adults.

I lucked out and found a great straw hat with a decent sized brim on clearance at TJ Maxx. If you’re in the market, take a look at these 6 beach hats and maybe you’ll find the perfect one for protecting your pretty skin!

  • A Little More Coverage 1 of 6
    HM Straw Hat

    My new hat looks a lot like this one. I like that the brim is a little wider (and thus offers my face a little more coverage) but it's not venturing all the way into big floppy hat territory (not that there's anything wrong with that).

    Get it at H&M, $12.95

  • A Classic 2 of 6
    6 Stylish Beach Hats for Under $20

    A classic straw fedora is always a good style choice. The brim isn't all that big though, so make sure you are good about reapplying sunscreen!

    Get it at Forever 21, $10.80

  • Colorful Classic 3 of 6
    HM Colorful Straw Hat

    If a basic fedora feels, well, too basic, give this colorful option a whirl!

    Get it at H&M, $12.95

  • I Like Big Hats… 4 of 6
    Target Striped Floppy Hat

    My one beef with big floppy hats is that they're REALLY hard to pack. I'd be willing to figure something out for this striped beauty, though!

    Get it at Target, $14.99

  • Vintage Inspired 5 of 6
    Uniqlo Womens Paper Straw Hat

    The deep bucket on this hat means it sits a little lower on your head for better face coverage. It feels kind of vintagey, no?

    Get it at Uniqlo, $19.90

  • Play Ball 6 of 6
    Forever 21 Painters Baseball Cap

    Just this week I was talking to a friend about hats. She shrugged and said, "I love them on other people but I'm really just a baseball cap kind of girl!" If you fall into that same category, then try something fun and colorful when you hit the beach!

    Get it at Forever 21, $8.80

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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