6 Times Dads Dressed the Kids — and It Was Awesome

I love my husband, and I love when he helps me out with the kids. Some of his attempts are better than others, but I try to be really conscience about criticizing how he does things. I don’t want to discourage him from trying things that might be outside of his initial human experience. This post is not intended to make fun of the dads in our lives and their ungraceful attempts at toddler fashion, but instead to celebrate their ingenuity, bravery in taking fashion risks, and their devotion to their family. We love these crazy guys, and hope they can laugh along with us.

Jerseys — FTW!


Jerseys of my husband’s favorite team, pajama bottoms, and boots on a cloudless day. Team spirit, comfort, and preparedness: what more could a guy ask for in an outfit?

Photo courtesy of @SummerBellessa via Instagram

Underwear as Outerwear


I think Britney Spears was the inspiration for this outfit. Cute hair accessories … check! Underwear as outerwear … check! School girl backpack … check. A lot of dads might not take such fashion forward risks, but this one does.

Photo courtesy of @ReachelBagley via Instagram

Pretty in Pink


Mom would probably clean up some of those fly-aways, but this is a pretty perfect outfit. It matches, it’s pretty darn cute, and I bet she loves to wear those fluffy boots, even if it’s 75 degrees in Arizona.

Photo courtesy of @Avestyles via Instagram

Happy Backwards Day!


Kriss Kross was the first to popularize wearing clothing backwards, but I think this dad is on to something here. How else would he show off those adorable, bitable baby rolls?

All About the Accessories


Clothes in general are over-rated. This dad knows it’s really just about the accessories.

Photo courtesy of @ReachelBagley via Instagram

A New Kind of “Messy” Ponytail


We’ve seen dads on YouTube use vacuums to pull their daughter’s hair up into a ponytail, but this dad’s more of a hands on dad. Hands are just as good as a brush, pretty much.

Photo courtesy of @ErinHatzis via Instagram

I want to thank all of the moms and especially the dads who shared these images with us. They hopefully made you giggle and reminisce of your own versions of these shots. If you can relate, make sure you give your baby’s daddy a big hug tonight. Tell him how much you love him (and his mad fashion skills) just the way they are.

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