6 Ways to Dress Down Your Pencil Skirt for Everyday Wear

Pencil skirts are a staple in my closet and one of my favorite things to wear. They’re so flattering, super sexy, and easy to dress up or down. You all probably know how to dress them up, especially for work, so today let’s talk about six pieces you can pair with a pencil skirt to dress it down, because they’re a great closet piece to wear, even on casual days!

1. Casual Jacket

No matter what you’re wearing, a casual jacket instantly dresses down an outfit. This camouflage one was my top choice because it feels a little masculine with such a feminine skirt. Find a similar jacket at Nordstrom for $98.

2. Ankle Boots

These taller style ankle boots are super casual and give off a very laid back vibe. Pairing them with a sophisticated wool pencil skirt definitely creates a unique juxtaposition and makes the outfit feel very casual. Find these boots on sale at Super Shoes for $39.99.


3. Baseball Cap

Adding a ball cap to a feminine outfit creates a sporty chic look that I absolutely love. Find a similar cap at Land’s End for $24.

4. Sneakers

There are so many sneakers out there, and slip-ons are a super good choice, too. But these running sneakers seemed like the perfect thing to complete my sporty chic look. Find these Brooks Vanguard Sneakers at Brooks Running for $84.99.


5. Graphic Tee

I love a good graphic tee, and any top with text on it feels very young and casual. Paired with this polka dot pencil skirt creates an unexpected and fun look. I also knotted the tee at the hip rather than tucking it, which helps with the casual feel as well. Find the graphic tee at Fly Bird Apparel for $32.

6. Pony Tail

This quick and easy hairstyle instantly dresses down your pencil skirt!


Now go get twice as much use out of those skirts as you did before!

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