6 Ways to Incorporate Leather into Your Wardrobe

As you probably know, leather is so trendy right now. But it’s one of those trends that I hear most women say they “can’t pull off.” Of course you have to be careful when styling faux- or real-leather, since it can give off a very sexy or biker-chick vibe, but there are ways to subtly incorporate the trend.

Try one of these six ways to subtly wear the trend!

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  • Leather Hat 2 of 7
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    Baseball caps are super trendy right now, and a leather baseball cap is a fun way to add a bit of leather to your look while looking sporty, rather than sexy. 

    Find it at Express for $29.90.

  • Leather Cuff 3 of 7
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    If you're super new to leather and are really afraid of the trend, try incorporating it very subtly with a simple leather cuff. It's a great way to add a bit of edge to your outfit without it screaming leather. 

    Find it at One Little Belt for $14.

  • Leather Sleeves 4 of 7
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    Try a top with some faux-leather sleeves or other simple leather embellishments. This is a great way to add a bit of edginess to a casual outfit. Style it with some boyfriend jeans and you're good to go. 

    Find it at Forever 21 for $12.80.

  • Leather Embellished Jacket 5 of 7
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    Similar to the leather embellished top, try leather embellished outerwear, like this jacket that has little quilted leather inserts. It gives a bit of flare to a simple black jacket.

    Find it at Forever 21 for $39.80

  • Leather Insert Leggings 6 of 7
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    A little hint of leather in a pair of leggings is subtle but adds a bit of visual interest and an element of texture to a simple pair of leggings. Cover part of it up by wearing them with a tunic, or let them show with a regular length top. 

    Find them at G by Guess for $24.50.

  • Leather Skirt 7 of 7
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    If you're feeling a bit more adventurous, try a leather skirt. If you wear it with casual pieces like a graphic t-shirt, tennis shoes, or a sweatshirt, it adds a nice contrast and tones down the leather. 

    Find it at G by Guess for $29.95.

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