7 Reasons Why Lightweight Scarves Are the BEST Spring/Summer Accessory

Lightweight scarves really are the best accessory for spring and summer dressing! If you don’t already own a couple, then they should be at the top of your shopping list as you prep your wardrobe for warmer weather (psst … you can easily find TONS of beautiful scarves for under $15!). Aside from the fact that they add a layer of interest to your outfit, they’re also incredibly multifunctional. I always throw a couple pretty scarves in my bag when I travel during this time of year as well — they’re incredibly handy to have around when you’re on vacation!

Here are 7 reasons why you should integrate scarves into your wardrobe this season:

  • Belt It 1 of 8

    Scarves make for a wonderfully colorful belt alternative. Tie it in a bow at your waist or wrap it around twice for a wider obi look.

    Get the scarf at Target, $14.99

  • Shrug It on 2 of 8

    This always happens when we go on vacation: We waltz into a restaurant in grubby beach clothes and think, "Huh ... this place is nicer than we thought ..." Throw a scarf over your shoulders and knot it in the back for a little more classy coverage. Plus, it's nice to have as an option when the sun goes down and temperatures drop!

  • Cover It up 3 of 8

    A scarf makes a great swimsuit cover-up in a pinch! Go toga-style or wrap it around your back, cross the ends in front of you and knot it behind your neck.

  • Purse Flair 4 of 8

    When I don't necessarily want to wear my scarf (but want to have it with me just in case) I'll knot it on my bag. It can add a punch of color to an otherwise neutral-heavy outfit!

  • Cover Those Greasies 5 of 8

    My hair is often less than awesome during the summer. Between regular chlorine dunks and the Arizona heat, it just tends to be kind of lackluster. A scarf helps hide a multitude of hair issues! Also, if you go to the beach it's a great way to hide ocean hair (we all know "beachy waves" don't actually come from the beach).

  • Curl It, Girl! 6 of 8

    Did you know you can curl your hair with a scarf? YOU CAN. I avoid heat styling like the plague during the summer so an easy curling trick like this is gold for me!

    Find the tutorial at Ducklings in a Row

  • They’re Pretty! 7 of 8

    Scarves add fun pattern and texture to just about any outfit. Plus this shirt has a ginormous stain on it. Scarf to the rescue!

  • Need One? 8 of 8
    10 Lightweight Scarves under $15 to Pretty Up Your Spring & Summer Wardrobe

    Convinced you need your own scarf or two? I've rounded up 10 gorgeous scarves for under $15!

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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