8 Carry On Bags That Make Your Holiday Travel Chic and Easy

Traveling this holiday season? Well of course you are! The biggest, and probably the most intimidating, tip that most people forget is to only bring a carry on for your travels. Yes, I said it! Whether you are going away for one day, five days, or two weeks, the easiest most hassle free way to travel is to not check a bag. Around the holidays, there are a lot of people traveling, and a lot of bags getting lost in the mix. No matter where you go, there is always a laundry option giving you a clean choice out of the same small amount of clothing you packed.

As important as it is to pack items that you can easily repeat during your vacation, it’s also important to make sure your carry on is a bag that you actually like carrying on. Most times, your carry on doubles up as your “around town” bag when you’re on vacation holding your map, phone, etc. So, of course the bag has to be chic in it’s own right.

Here are 8 Carry On bags that make your holiday travel chic and easy!

  • The Husband’s Double Up 1 of 8

    Since my daughter was little, my husband never really like wearing a diaper bag and I don't blame him. This carry-on has the perfect neutral palette for the guy in your life. I can easily see those front two pockets being used to hold bottles and diapers when he isn't using it for travel. 

    Available at Zappos for $290

  • A Little Leopard Love 2 of 8

    A little leopard goes a long way, and in the case a little leopard carry on will go miles and beyond! for $74.99

  • For the Voyage 3 of 8

    The backpack is appropriately titled The Voyager, because it will make the voyage with you and then double as an everyday bag. With its chic, sleek design, it's great for your out and about days. And it's made of durable nylon material, so you can stuff as many outfits as you can muster in this one. 

    Available at Urban Outfitters for $128

  • The Tote 4 of 8

    Tote bags are an easy way to travel super light this holiday season. It can easily double as a day purse, but it's also large enough to pack two days worth of clothing. 

    Macy's for $198

  • The Chic and Clean Backpack/Carry-on 5 of 8

    This backpack comes from unisex line with a clean look, and it can easily become both your go-to for a long holiday trip and those days when you've got a lot of things to carry around.

    Available at Urban Outfitters for $90

  • Black Is The New Black 6 of 8

    There is nothing more chic than arriving at the airport in an all black outfit, paired with black Ray Bans and a sleek black carry on. Just imagine passing all the lines... in the most stylish way possible. This is it. 

    Best Luggage Online: ON SALE- $279.99

  • Shopper 7 of 8

    This shopper bag comes complete with a zipper in the loveliest, simple design. It can fit multiple outfits and the few necessities that will be perfect for your quick holiday trip. 

    Available at Zara for $159

  • Unisex Diaper Bag/Carry On 8 of 8

    Yes, that's right, this bag is EVERYTHING and can be anything. With it's option to wear it as a cross bag, this carry on can easily be your about town bag loaded full of diapers, bottles, and beyond. It's the all encompassing bag!

    Available at Ali Express for $158

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