8 Creative and Fun Ways to Wear Patterns

According to Stacy and Clinton of TLC’s What Not to Wear, there are four elements to a great outfit: Color, Pattern, Texture, and Shine. I’ve covered three of the four, here, here, and here, and now it’s time for the fourth and final element: Pattern.

I absolutely love wearing patterns, and pattern mixing is one of my favorite things. But since everyone knows how to put on a patterned shirt, skirt, jacket, or pair of pants, let me show you 8 more creative ways to incorporate pattern into your outfits!

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    Click through for 8 creative ways to wear patterns!

  • Belts 2 of 9

    Belts are a great way to add a little pop of pattern at your waist. My favorite is my leopard print one from Target. You can wear it at your natural waist so it is fully exposed, or through your belt loops so your top covers most of the belt and only the front shows through!

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    For those sleeveless tops and dresses, a patterned tee underneath is a fun way to mix things up and add a bit of pattern at your shoulders. I do this often since I own a number of sleeveless items. 

  • Pocket 4 of 9

    A simple and fun way to jazz up a plain tee is adding a patterned pocket. 

    Find the tutorial here.

  • Scarf 5 of 9

    Scarves are one of my favorite fall and winter accessories, but actually this lightweight chiffon one can even be used during the summer months. It's a subtle leopard print, but adds a nice bit of pattern at your neck to help draw attention to your face. 

  • Shoes 6 of 9

    There are a million fabulous patterned shoes out there, and a little pop of pattern at your feet is just what you need some days to put a pep in your step!

    (Shoes from Forever 21)

  • Layered Tops 7 of 9

    For a little pattern pop at your wrists and neck, layer two collared shirts, making the patterned one go underneath. I love this look! 

  • Surprise Back 8 of 9

    T-shirts with contrast backs are so trendy right now, and I think it's such a cool way to add a pop of color. It looks simple from the front, and then the back has a fun surprise!

  • Turband 9 of 9

    Turbands are huge right now and are a great hair accessory. As a fun contrast against my hair, I made one out of a navy and white striped fabric and think it adds a special little something to an outfit!

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