8 Fresh Looks to Wear to a Farmers Market

8 Looks To Wear To A Farmers Market!

Since moving to the West Coast nearly 11 years ago, I have fully emerged myself in the California lifestyle, from yoga and juicing to avocados and summer shows at the Hollywood Bowl. But one of my favorite things about living here is the abundance of locally grown organic food available at the neighborhood farmers markets. I love the perfectly ripe peaches, plums, grapes, and strawberries; the homemade breads, jams, and honey; the kettle corn booth; the organic apples; and most of all, I adore the fresh flowers that I can buy for just $2 a bunch. I love the fact that it is supporting small businesses, local farms, and that everything is freshly picked and ready for the table. It just feels right. I love the energy, the people, and the atmosphere. It’s my daughter London and I’s Thursday afternoon getaway. I bring $20 — we share a tamale and walk around buying a bit of our favorite fruits and flowers.

Farmers markets aren’t just exclusive to California, though;  they seem to be popping up just about anywhere and everywhere these days. Much like a flea market, you can go and make a day of it … or at least a good, long morning. When it comes to farmers market style, I like to wear mumus and dresses. There is a very bohemian flare to the scene; it’s a bit hippy-chic, if you will. It is about comfort and effortless style, like you just threw something on and left the house. Because it’s outside, I almost always wear a hat. And of course you will need a great bag to fill with nourishing foods and fun finds.

Now allow me to show you 8 of my favorite looks to wear to a farmers market:

Photos by Priscilla Chang



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