8 Mom Outfits: Day To Night

Over the years, I’ve seen blogs or magazine articles showing outfits that go from a day at the office to a night out with friends. I love the concept, but as a stay at home mom, it has never applied to my lifestyle or closet (not a pant suit to be found in there).

So today I’m making a Day to Night guide, Mom Edition, sharing 8 very mom-friendly outfits that can easily go from a playdate to a dinner date, or from running errands to a night out with friends.

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  • Patterned Pants – DAY 2 of 17

    Patterned pants are so trendy right now, and although they might be a bit scary for some moms, they're an easy way to make a simple outfit fun. Paired with a tee and sandals is one of the easiest and most comfy outfits you can get. 

  • Patterned Pants – NIGHT 3 of 17

    Now throw on some heels, a sparkly necklace, a swipe of red lipstick, and an evening appropriate bag, and you're ready for a nice dinner out with your man. 

  • T-Shirt Dress – DAY 4 of 17

    T-shirt dresses are comfy, flattering, and about a simple as a mom uniform can get. Also, they look perfect with a baby accessory 🙂

  • T-Shirt Dress – NIGHT 5 of 17

    Belt it, add a jacket, some pretty earrings, and patterned flats, and you now have the world's most comfy date night attire.

  • Jean Cut-Off’s – DAY 6 of 17

    One of my go-to mom outfits is jean cut-offs and a breezy blouse. Easy and cute. 

  • Jean Cut-Off’s – NIGHT 7 of 17

    Throw on some wedges and a blazer and the outfit is instantly ready for an evening out. 

  • Tunic and Leggings – DAY 8 of 17

    Wearing a tunic and leggings is basically like wearing your pajamas all day while still looking put together. 

  • Tunic and Leggings – NIGHT 9 of 17

    Add some cute booties, a colorful necklace, and a clutch and you're date night appropriate. (While still feeling like you're wearing pajamas!)

  • Jeans and Tee – DAY 10 of 17

    This is about as basic as it gets. Jeans, and a tee (and occasionally a hat to cover up dirty hair). 

  • Jeans and Tee – NIGHT 11 of 17

    But with a pair of strappy heels, a fun jacket, a patterned belt, and a sparkly clutch, this outfit went from simple to sexy!

  • Maxi Dress – DAY 12 of 17

    I own several maxi dresses and love wearing them around the house. Patterned ones make a simple dress a little more fun. 

  • Maxi Dress – NIGHT 13 of 17

    Adding a denim jacket and a colorful necklace take it up a notch and make it more evening appropriate. 

  • Maxi Skirt – DAY 14 of 17

    Maxi skirts are hugely popular right now, and can be a mom's best friend (long length to stay covered up, easy to wear, flattering for all shapes and sizes, and of course insanely comfortable). Paired with a simple tee, it's a perfect mom ensemble. 

  • Maxi Skirt – NIGHT 15 of 17

    Throw on some wedges and a bunch of gold jewelry, and your simple outfit is ready for a night out. 

  • Skirt and Tee – DAY 16 of 17

    Stretchy pencil skirts and tees are one of my favorite combinations. Easy to wear, and so pretty. 

  • Skirt and Tee – NIGHT 17 of 17

    With a leather jacket and a pair of booties, this outfit is suddenly edgy and fun for a night out!

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